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  1. Okay, I'm in a young men's ministry at church, and we're having a fundraiser next month.  Pulled pork is going to be meat they're selling.  I've been smoking beef my whole life. (Born and raised in Texas.)  But Uncle Sam took me away, and deposited me in the heart of North Carolina pork country.  I've come to love eating pork, but haven't had the nerve to smoke any yet.

    I want to smoke a boston butt for the fundraiser to help out.  Any tips y'all could offer - I'd be appreciative.  I've got an old (20 yrs and still going great!) New Braunfels offset smoker that does wonderful things to a brisket if that helps direct your comments.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Treat that butt almost like you would a Brisket. I would take a look at this recipe. It is pretty similar to what you would do with the beef but your rub will be different with quite a bit more sugar. Now you can choose to foil or not. It's all about how much you like a crunchy bark or a softer bark. I like both depending on how I feel that day. Happy smoking. timber.

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