First Build - Offset, 20" steel pipe.

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by amerbrittguy, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. amerbrittguy

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    Some months ago I said hello on the intro thread.  Read a lot, looked at many of your builds.  Two months  or so ago I started buying materials.  A month or so I started working.  Here are a few pictures of the progress.  Keep in mind guys,  this is my first build and first BIG welding project.

    I used the calculator.  it is a 48" long x 20" dia x 1/2" steel pipe cook chamber.  Fire box is 16" long (same material.  Smoke stack will be 4" dia shed 40 steel pipe.  The big task this week is to get the heavy duty casters on the base, a 'hook' welded on top so that I can use a hoist to get this beast upright!  More pictures to come.  What I have learned so far is that 1/2" thick pipe doesn't like to be cut.
  2. iridelow

    iridelow Fire Starter

    IMO 20" is almost perfect for a home smoker (not too big). Nice progress so far keep it up.
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  3. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    Got it upright, put wheels on so it is 'semi' movable.  Now, gotta finish welds on the top, true up the face of the firebox, then the 'fussy' stuff will begin!
  4. Nice Start for a great sized smoker !!!

  5. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    So, after a great deal of 'on site' engineering, I managed to make a wooden jig so my elbow fabrication on the smoke stack ended up somewhere near 90.
  6. I am also looking for materials to build a smoker this smoker. May i ask you where you got your Steel Pipe? Im having trouble finding a company that i could buy from. Any info would help.

  7. iridelow

    iridelow Fire Starter

    If you cant find a steel supply, or pipe yard that has it laying around locally, watch craigslist. Ive seen a ton of good pieces of pipe on craigslist.

    Also when sourcing the material thru a pipe yard tell them it can be scrap. Tell them you will take something that failed QC, or didn't meet ASTM standards. Its not holding any pressure, or being built for any other purpose other than holding some smoke and your going to cut it up anyways.
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  8. Thanks for the help! 
  9. amerbrittguy

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    I got a good price from a scrap yard near Gap PA.  Actually I saw an advertisement in Lancaster Farmer.  They'll cut it to whatever length you'd like.  If you don't mind the drive to Lancaster PA from Baltimore, GAP metals and Repair (in Kinser PA).
  10. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    Got a chance to do some more work on the smoker today.  I also got the door section for the fire box fabricated, but pictures of that will wait till I put it on.  Feels good to make a little more progress.  This is my first 'real' welding/metal project, so be gentle with me on the welds!
  11. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie


    not a great picture but finally got the stack mounted.  That 1/2" plate did not give up a 4" hole easily.
  12. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    Firebox door fabrication.  "seal" is on the inside... gotta fabricate a latch then I'll mount this...
  13. redheelerdog

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    I like it, really nice job.
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  14. Looking Good !!

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  15. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    Kids were doing their own thing today, so I got several hours in on the smoker.  Fire chamber door on...still needs some tinkering.  Got brackets for wood grate and tuning plates mounted.

  16. ahumadora

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  17. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    I did use Felton's calculator.  Some of the 'tinkering' I mentioned is another intake, and a smaller one up higher on the firebox.
  18. amerbrittguy

    amerbrittguy Newbie

    And, I am a LOOOONG way from paint!
  19. Looking good , I will be starting my first build next week .I will be using 1/4 steel pipe  but its going to be a xxxxl smoker 

     the pipe is 5 foot long and its a 4 foot dia  steel  pipe , I plan on putting a cold smoke vertical on the end just need to 

    find more input on it. I live in Oregon so hunt and fish  and well my 3 smokers are just to small  for my personal and party use

    so I figure go big . when I get started I will have to post some pics .
  20. That is a nice find on the pipe for the cooking chamber. I have everything I need but the pipe for the cooking chamber, I'm having a harder time finding it than I thought I would.  starting to frustrating. Mine will be 18" dia. x 40" long. 

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