first build fail on the fire box

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by yeeyee55, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. yeeyee55

    yeeyee55 Newbie

    Hey all...I might of screwed up..I built a 3 ft tall 26.5 in wide 17 in deep offset smoker. My fire box is 12x12x18 with a 2in x 3in vent..I can't build a big fire in it since its only 12in tall and can't keep it going unless I leave the door open a little.. What would a good size fire box be and how big of vent should I put in I said its my first build so I don't know too much about smokers. I've been using a green mountain before this build. Didn't take much skill haha. Here is a pic of my build. Any help would be great
  2. yeeyee55

    yeeyee55 Newbie

    Sorry I forgot to say I could not get the temp over 150 in the smoke cabinet..
  3. hoity toit

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    looks like you need a larger pipe going into the the smoker from the firebox. one of the guys here has a calculator for figuring the correct size,,,Im sure they will chime in soon..
  4. yeeyee55

    yeeyee55 Newbie

    Thank you...I'm guessing I need more vent also since the fire will die if I have the door shut and the vent open..if that sounds right to anyone please let me know

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