First Brisket with questions

Discussion in 'Beef' started by herscht, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. I got about a 9 1/2 # brisket and trimmed the fat, which probably reduced it to @ 8#.  Rubbed it and put it in an aluminum pan at 240. I had planned for a 12 hr smoke, but realized the internal temp was at 190 at 6 hours.  I repositioned the probe several times thinking I was too close to the edge, but all readings were approx the same.

    I called it quits at 9 hours with an internal temp slightly over 200.

    I think the brisket looks good and comparable to other pics I have seen.

    I was wondering if others experienced the same time frames with briskets.  Six hours seemed a bit soon, even to an inexperienced smoker like myself.


  2. I would really think your chamber temperatures were over 240*. Did you check your chamber temperatures with a good calibrated thermometer? I think you were right with your expected smoke times. More detailed smoking information would help to answer your question completely... The brisket sure looks good!!!
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  3. adiochiro3

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    gottarace is right -- Thermo is probably off by quite a bit. How did it taste? Where's the Money shot (sliced or pulled pix)?
  4. smokinal

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    If it was nice & juicy, then you just happened to get one that finished quickly. If on the other hand it's dried out then I think you may have been cooking at a higher temp than you thought.
  5. africanmeat

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    The guys nailed it spot on. the knowledge on this site is priceless
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    What Al said!

  7. eman

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    Really can't say you were way over 240° as i have done some fairly quick foil pan briskets on my MES also.

     IMHO, The foil pan speeds up the process alot. Just make sure to flip it every so often to make sure that the smoke gets to all sides.
  8. raptor700

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    All the above  [​IMG]

    We would love to see the sliced pics.
  9. ugaboz

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    cut it
  10. Its a little late to cut it, it is long gone.  But I did get a good oven thermometer and ran a test on the smoker.  It was pretty consistent with the digital read out.  If anything, the internal temp was slightly cooler.

    I did a lot of further reading and I think I may have messed up on the top damper.  Had it fully closed.
  11. jlstout

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    Just did one this weekend that took 7 hours.  10.5 pounds before trimming.  My temp was running about 300 though.  First time I got one right finally.  Took it off when the probe went in like buttah! 

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