First Big Smoker Build. Advice welcomed!

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by smokin-aces, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. no clue... it would in fact add heat maybe lots of heat. as soon as you get far enough along to where you can build i fire. do a test burn and see what temps you get. if you need more use the hair dry into an air vent and see what happens. you can always add a damper to the fan to control it if needed. you can use scrap for a mok up.

     i didn't come up with the fan idea. i just found the fan.
  2. i'm sure it could be. with a furnace they use aqua stats to send a signal go to or give them a call. or i bet someone on here will answer that.
  3. What if this was put on the exhaust... would it create draft correctly and being heat through or would it just suck out all the hot air? This is an inline duct fan.

  4. it wouldn't stand up to the heat.
  5. Good idea. It would probably be best to get it functional, then add a fan according to what is needed.
  6. natural draft is going to be your best bet all the way around.
  7. daveomak

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    Aces, evening..... You do not want the fan on a thermostat.....  You adjust the temp of the smoker with the damper under the fire....  
  8. Evening, Would the fan just be continuously running? And do you have any idea what kind of cfm I need for this setup?
  9. daveomak

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    I would try the smoker without any gimmicks..... no fans, no temp controllers and see what happens....  It may be the best smoker on the block.. or neighborhood...  If you have it sealed up with no air leaks, it could be the best smoker in the town..  Dave 
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  10. Morning, you are right! I am definately going to add fans and "gimmicks" as a last resort. After looking at the available options, if I decide to go with some sort of fan system, it would probably be just as cheap to go with a BBQ Guru setup. These are from $130 and up. Some kits come with the fans and controller interface as a package, others are all seperate.
  11. I plan to get some things accomplished on the smoker tomorrow. Stay tuned for more pictures and questions...
  12. Okay today I feel like I am much closer to smoking some meat on this thing. I put the plate in the tank that divides the cook chamber from the fire box. Also I finished the exhaust box and made am intake damper. Now all that's left is the exhaust pipe (still haven't decided what to use), thermometers, paint and flooring the back of the trailer. 

  13. Does anyone have any input on cooking a whole pig? For instance... how long are the pigs normally? Would a pig rotisserie be necessary? How much of the pig is normally eaten when it's cooked whole? 
  14. moikel

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    Yes I have done whole pigs but in my woodfired oven so may not be much help. You dont need a rotisserie ,I eat everything. I have done them flattened out,I have done them with the cavity filled with veg & spices then stitched shut.

    Love the smoker!
  15. moikel

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    I am going to do a pig soon,total fire ban here still terrible dangers in country areas.So it will be a little way off. Biggest I have done is about 60 pounds,took less than 5 hours but was pretty tiring.I will scale it down. 

    Its just about a pig bid enough to have the fat cover & small enough to move in & out of oven to baste it turn it around. Thats where you have an advantage with your smoker. Way better access. Splayed & flattened cook faster & crisper. That said keeping it round stuffing cavity with,big bits red pepper,onion,fennel,etc,fennel seed,garlic,cbp,EVO,white wine lemon ,rosemary,then stitching it shut has a certain sense of theatre when you cut the string to serve the veg. Also very moist.

    Just my 2 cents.
  16. So how do you serve the pig? Do you just slice off a hunk and dig in? Skin and all? Seems odd to me but I hear of people doing it all the time. Also how does a whole pig compare in flavor to other single pork products... for instance, is it similar to eating a Boston Butt only a whole pigs worth?
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    Aces, morning... Whole pig, skin on, is moist, juicy, tender, flavorful......Absolutely better than any pig I have cooked and eaten....  all the fat mingles with the meat for a flavor experience beyond explanation....   Pull the skin off of a section and dig in....  Wear a bib when eating pork from a whole pig....     

  18. mmmmmm Sounds great! I will definitely have to try it. Do you think a pig would fit in my smoker? With the section between the doors?
  19. daveomak

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    Depends on how big the pig is.... 

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