First attempt at smoked chicken with the new smoker

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by mch-bbq, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. mch-bbq

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    Ok, so after the first two runs on my smoker were with "the other white meat" I decided to give chicken a shot. Bought two 4.5 pound birds, split them and then dustied them with dry rub.

    I used pecan and apple wood chips and got the smoker to about 305 degree. I occasionally spritzed the birds with apple juice--every thirty minutes. Smoked the birds till their internal temp it 165 degrees, which was about 2 hours or so.

    WOW!! They turned out delicious! Some of the juiciest/tenderest chicken I've had. Great smoke flavor and the skin was pretty crispy too. Here a few pictures...

  2. sqwib

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    Nice. Love the color.
  3. That looks mighty Pretty   Tasty

  4. good looking bird, son. good luck with the new smoker.
  5. chef willie

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    nice onto another challenge.....Willie

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