Firebox size reduction? Fire brick??

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  1. I need ideas... My volume in the fire box is about 40% over recommend . On my first smoke last Sunday I went through about 50 pounds of charcoal/lump combo. I contribute this to the oversize.. It was a 9hr plus smoke. If I bring the FBI size down to recommend will this really reduce fuel that much? My ideas range from cutting box ( I really don't want to do that), adding fire brick for volume or could I weld on a plate to form like a triangle to refuse volume? Fire brick is $.
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    I'm going to assume your fire box was really hot......   add an upper vent to move the heat to the cook chamber and close down the lower vent a bit.....   use the lower vent  to adjust the heat of the fire...   are you using the minion method.....  this upper vent works well as reported by others...  

    The volume of the firebox has nothing to do with the amount of fuel used.....    fuel management and firebox design are the important factors...

    Nice looking smoker....  It should work well for you...    Did you use a calculator to determine the size of the exhaust stack.....


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  3. Thanks Dave. The stack has a extra 11inchs than shown which brings It to about 32 if I Remember. Felton's put calculator was used.
    I will look into adding the upper vent. Yes the FB was very hot. That would be great if that solved my problem. Is there a general guide as to how much fuel should be needed?
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    If you run the smoker at 250, as an example, the FB should run about 275-300....   that will insure you are using all the available heat from the wood to heat the Cook Chamber, and very little to none is being wasted heating the FB...   Efficiency is increased through insulation, stopping air leaks etc...   Also, the interior design of the FB and CC allowing unrestricted air/heat flow is important....   Feldon's should have taken care of that part.....    Dave
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    Raise the fire grate and use a basket closer to the smoke chamber inlet.

    You want to see the draft pull the heat/smoke/flame
  6. I saw a few vents online . Firebox is approx 23x23x24. Do I need more than one vent directly across from CC opening?
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    One vent is enough.... It adds hot air to the CC...   maybe 4 sq. in. or so....  or a pie vent like in the pic...   Something adjustable...   Then you will have a small learning curve on adjusting the intakes to the FB..... 

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