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Finals Celebration: Smoked Pork on a cold day *PLENTY OF Q-VIEW*

Discussion in 'Pork' started by up-in-smoke90, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. In celebration of finals being over I decided to do some smoking.

    Rebel without a cause

    Nice little bit of smoke starting off

    Freshly rubbed and placed on the smoker

    My view from behind the smoker

    To the left

    To the right

    View of my "smoke-pit"

    The left portion

    The right portion

    *The Q-VIEW*

    My make shift tray lol

    The final product.

    Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Very nice. I was looking at your pictures, is that your school's smoker? If so that's awesome.
  3. Sorry I've been doing a lot of room checks the last few days!

    All the school provided me with was the grill and unlimited propane gas. Every time I empty a canister I just call for another one. I'm in the process of seeing if they'll pay for my pellets but they're kinda dragging their feet about it. The smoker was given to me by a student from a frat after he was told he couldn't keep it on campus. He got it from a professor who was moving and didnt want to take it apart to take it with him. SO I basically ended up with it because my dorm isn't 'on' campus. Its about 3-4 miles away from campus. My buddy lives about 250-300 miles from here and he drives a Taurus so when he graduates he probably won't be able to take it anyway lol. Besides, the guy who had it before me was using it as a grill.