Finally started building my first smoker !

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t-bone tim

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Feb 24, 2007
N.B. Canada
Finally started ,doors cut for tending wood chips and a main door for tending meat...I guess it will be a combo ,charcoal/electric ,vertical .
I thought it would be neat to use a large propane tank as the main unit !
Now that's interesting. Bet it works fine. Keep taking pics and posting to keep us up on the progress. I'd season that thing REALLY well, REALLY hot.
hey Mike...this propane tank looks like any other steel tank inside ,rusted a bit inside,cleaned it out ,will probably sand blast and paint with high temp,then give er a couple good hot roastings ! before putting any meat in ! ( just to be sure ).
I plan on fixin in digital probes ,vents etc,etc.....will post more pics as the build progresses !
Guess the only exception I would take to it is the rank scent they put in gas. That stuff lingers. Railroads use it in little pressurized cartridges sealed with a metal that melts at a specific temp. They are inserted in a hole cast in journal boxes used on locomotives. If the journal overheats the seal melts and releases the pure scent - WOW! Really bad if you are airarcing wear plates off the journal box in a rebuild shop and don't know the cartridge is there. Generally clears the place out for a while. Don't ask me how I know this.
That is why I said I would season it REALLY hot and let it go a while, just in case. Otherwise, you probably will end up with a great smoker that lasts a long time.
Thanks Mike,will do ! no smell lingering though,( I think the tank is quite old ,and empty for quite some time ) should last almost forever ( must be at least 3/16 " thick )....will post more updates ! thanks again.
Very cool Tim, keep us updated.
Ultramag ,I believe it is an older style 200 lb tank's a little taller than most and 22 " in diameter.
Post for Safety

T-bone I assume you removed the valve and made sure there wasn't any left over gas or fumes left in there before you went cutting the hole in that tank... right??? Wouldn't want someone to just decide 'hey, cool' Kaboom!

Keep Smokin
Good evening all ...thought I'd update my progress on this homebuilt via editing this post
Been doin a little here and there on my between becoming friends with my MES ( centro ) getting to know each other....also tryin to teach myself how to weld at the same time ,the welds are far from perfect but they will hold ,guess thats the main thing and I 've done it myself .
I have been using whatever I can gather here n there for no cost ( sort of a recyled project ) okay you got me ....can' t wait for next week ....CLEAN UP WEEK here ....already thinking of another smoker .

Pictures are of the main door n latch ,air draft (I want to be able to use electric or charcoal ,combo )and the unit mounted on an old bbq frame so it can moved around the yard.
Gonna need to name this beast ...was thinkin the bar-b tank
any suggestions ??




looks good so far. i am trying to decide on how i am going to build the firebox for my new smoker i am building. i know i am using 1/4" plate steel. i can't figure out how i am going to do the ash drawer and damper. i also am contemplating the main door, for adding fuel.
Hey Chris you have some to pics to show us...maybe come up with some ideas or suggestions
i am using a 55-gallon drum, on its side, for the oven part. i am going to use 1/4" plate steel to build the firebox. i am going to make it 26" out from the drum, and 18" tall. the width will be just shy of the diameter of the drum (~20"). similar to this, my current smoker. this time the fire box will be square, well close to square. i had bought this firebox (it is the chargriller one).
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