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Sep 3, 2014
Northwest PA
Well it's taken me about 2 years to finally get my fridge conversion done but here it is. I originally started with a newer SS commercial fridge but when I realized it had sprayed in insulation, I scrapped that idea. The fridge I ended up going with is an old Shelvador out of my hunting camp that finally died. Ripped the whole thing apart, installed new instillation, put it back together and gave it some lipstick. It was a little more than that but that's the jist of it. I'm using an Auber 1800 watt dual pnp controller and a 1500 watt burner. On test runs, it heats up to 225 in about 20-30 min which I think is pretty good. My smoke is generated from an ANMPS piped thru a mailbox mod. The paint is high temp automotive paint from the local auto parts store. It turned out pretty good. The paint isn't perfect but if I do another build, I'll get the fridge sandblasted before putting down the primer. I had planned to take pictures throughout the process but I ended up only taking pics before paint and the completed project. Thanksgiving turkey will be the first test on how she performs but I'm not too worried. I'll try and remember to post some pics of the bird before it's devoured. Thanks to all of you who have posted your build pics in the past. It made my life soo much easier. I still have my hanging rods for sausage to get installed but it can wait.
Great looking build. I am in the process of building one roughly the same size. Taking much longer than I anticipated.  I will doing the exact set up. Just wondering where you found your exhaust pipe and cap and what size? Are you using black pipe from your mailbox to the chamber and where and what kind of heating element are you using. I'm trying to find a 1500W element without a thermostat in line, but cant seem to find one since Brinkman went out of business.

Thanks for the compliments. I used 3" chimney pipe and cap from the local hardware store for my exhaust. I was originally going to use automotive exhaust pipe but the cost just made it impractical. All of the exhaust pipe I ended up using cost around $30-$40. I used black pipe for the smoke between the mailbox and smoker although if I did it agian, I might go with something a little bigger. I have 2 pipes for the smoke and I think each is about 1" diam. It seems to be working pretty good but we'll see how it performs on longer smokes. I may end up adding another pipe or two. I'm using the replacement brinkman element for my heat. I got lucky and found one on Amazon a while back but it cost way more than it should have just b cause the stockpiles are running low. I kicked around the idea of running a couple finned heaters but figured it would be best to just keep it simple.
Great looking build! So, I'm building a fridge (my neighbor friend is doing all the work) smoker from an old Crosley Shelvador. ......mine is a stick / charcoal burner and I'm almost done with it. Wondering what you did for insulation and how even are your cooking chamber temps & how well does your fridge hold temps? Mine can be seen on the fridge smoker build forum pages on this site. Here's a couple pics tho. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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