Final Smoked Salmon with recipe, instructions, and Qview

Discussion in 'Fish' started by bearcarver, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. cmayna

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    I believe he's saying a regular fridge at fridge temps. If I'm wrong, I stand very corrected.
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  2. bearcarver

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    Yup, Like Craig said, one of my regular Fridges----Temp between 34° and 38°---My one is always at 37° (Basement), and the other at about 35°.

  3. freddi fish

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    Thanks Bearcarver:  

    I have the fish in the grill now.  I had to tin foil 2/3 of the one of three burners on low to keep the temps down.  I also have the lid propped open a few inches and I am still at about 150 in the cook area. I don't see any way to shut the grill down any further.  I am sure the tinfoil wrapped burner tube isn't a highly recommended remedy either.  Oh well. I will just go by what I have to work with 

    Internal fish temps are at about 92 now after 1/2 hour.  I will post back when I finish and let you know how it turned out.  I am using Redhorse Sucker for the fish.  It is supposed to be a relatively oily fish but it has "Y" bones.  They are small and flexible and I hope the smoking process softens them even more to the point I don't have to worry about them when I eat the fish.
  4. bearcarver

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    Sounds Great !!

    I'll be waiting for your results.

    I hate picking bones---One of the reasons Catfish are my favorite eating Fish!!

  5. freddi fish

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    I hate picking bones as well.  My wife basically wont eat fish if she finds bones.  She does like catfish.  I fillet (boneless) almost all the fish I keep to include catfish.  But, the fish with "Y" bones are hard to work around when filleting fish.  There is a way to remove them after you take the fillet, but unless you are good at it, you wind up taking half the meat with the Y bones.

    Anyway, the temp are holding around 150-160 in the cook area and the internal is at 104 after about one hour.  I would prefer lower and slower, and I was hoping I could make my gasser work that way, but it looks like I will have to get something more designed for smoking if I want to do fish.  I think maybe some larger red meat projects will work better in the ribs....mmmmmmmm!
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  6. bearcarver

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    You should be OK at 150° Smoker Temp---Just might not have as much time to put as much smoke on, but as long as you're getting decent smoke, you'll be fine.

    Catfish are about the only fish we don't fillet. We just Skin them, gut them, and cut the fins & heads off.

    Then after Frying or whatever, you just hold the head end of the backbone & scrape your fork from head to tail, and all the meat comes off the bones. Flip it over & do the same thing. All the Meat comes off the bones, leaving One complete Backbone with rib cage intact connected to the backbone, without one bone missing from the whole Skeleton. So easy to eat a Catty.

  7. freddi fish

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    I agree on the catfish. Me and a buddy used to catch Bullheads and do the same thing.  They were nice sized critters.  I can't remember the exact method, but we would slit the belly, then cut them up under the chin and then pull the head back and just pull the skin and all back towards the tail.  We could do one in about 20 seconds, ready for the fry pan.  Larger 2-3 lb catfish I just fillet to make the wife happy.  Like I said, she has a thing about bones and a catfish skeleton sitting on the plate after stripping it, just freeks her out. LOL.

    1.5 hours in and 161 grill temp and 111 internal temp and on the second wood packet.
  8. freddi fish

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    This is what I am looking at after 2.5 hrs.  I am at 180 grill temps and 121 internal fish temp.  I have lowered the grill hood a bit to boost the temps inside.  I am also on my third tray of wood chips/chunks.

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  9. bearcarver

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    Looking Good---I'm betting they're done now.

    Note: These are just as good, if not even better, cold than hot.

  10. freddi fish

    freddi fish Newbie

    Well, they are done.  I have a photo just before I took them off the grill and they are in the fridge now.  I will taste them after they are cold. They wound up pretty much how I expected them to be.  I guess that is a good sign so far.  The taste test will be the final say however.  I will let you know.

    I hope they turn out good.  I really want to be able to smoke fish regularly and aside from having to tin foil off 2/3 of the single burner tube and prop the hood open, it was pretty simple.  I just closed the hood a little more each time to increase the temps.  Aside from having to start with a bit higher temp, it seemed to be just fine.

    Oh, and I used the Thermoworks Smoke remote temp sensor to monitor both the internal fish temp as well as the temps at fish level in the cook box at real time and it worked wonderfully.  I have never really used anything like it before and this is my first time smoking fish, so I don't have a lot to go on, but it sure takes the guess work out of the process.  The temp gauge on the grill hood was useless.  I don't know if it even moved.

    Bearcarver:  Thanks again for the recipe, directions and hand holding.

  11. bearcarver

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    Looks Good, Freddi!!![​IMG]

    They'll taste Great too!![​IMG]

    The edges will be a little crispy, but that's because they're thin at the edges---That always happens.

  12. freddi fish

    freddi fish Newbie

    Yah, I fully expected the thin edges to be a bit chewy and they were.  Kind of like fish jerkey.  The rest of the fillets were perfect.  They did taste great, but I need to find some different fish.  Those "Y" bones in the Redhorse suck.  I would like some bigger fillets as well.  I wish I knew of an easy place and way to catch some medium sized carp.  They are not so easy to find and catch when your really want to.  Some Sheephead would be great too, but I can't seem to find the bigger ones.  I just keep catching the 2lb and smaller ones.
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  13. bearcarver

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    I know the feeling.

    My Son was supplying my Salmon when he'd go up to NY for a couple days, but his Tower Business doesn't give him much time any more.

    And they're too expensive to buy around here!!

  14. freddi fish

    freddi fish Newbie

    Yah, that stuff rivals Angus NY Strip in price any more.  Carp is a lot cheaper.
  15. stant99

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    Tried it and it worked great Thanks a bunch 
  16. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You're Very Welcome!!

    Glad you like it !

  17. Great write up. I just purchased the MES40 BT with 6 racks to smoke some of the 30lbs of Chinook and Coho salmon that I have in the freezer. Hopefully I'll get a few more fish in the next few weeks before the run is over to smoke up.
  18. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Thank You Jason!!
    That's the same smoker I have now!
    I love it, and the 6 racks come in handy, because you can juggle them around to fit the sizes of the meats you put in.

    Good luck on grabbing some more fish while the Run is still going!!

  19. Thanks for your detailed explaination of smoking salmon. This is gonna be great!

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