Favorite Way to cook a good steak

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I've never done a reverse sear though I have heard it talked about, I really don't know what it is.
The term was kind of coined after Kenji Lopez-Alt made it popular while trying to recreate a poor-man's version of Sous Vide.

Low and slow (I do mine in the oven) until the steak hits about 90% doneness, take it out, rest, sear in a smoking hot pan (cast or carbon steel work the best for this, IMO).

The name for it is just because you sear it at the end, vs a traditional sear.

My go to methods are:
- SV/Cast Iron sear
- Reverse sear in oven/Cast iron sear
- Sear in cast, put in oven to finish

I almost always use Kewpie mayo as a fat when I sear. That was a game changer for me.
Ok I missed this thread when it came out and since you mentioned santa maria style, I will say that is my all time favorite way to sear a steak......

I call this the open flame sear:

Here is a YouTube video of it in action....

Or the tread:

Here is the same flame sear being done in the vertical camber of my copper pot...

Here are two threads showing the Copper Pot sear....

My second to "flame seared" is reverse sear.....
This first example was a Throwdown Win:

My third is CI Seared.....

I like a heavily marbled cut for the CI.....

I have cooked a "LOT" of steaks in my day and here are a couple of rules that are critical in my book...

1-"Dropped in the sand" seasoned. at 1 inch plus steak requires more than a dusting. Of the seasoning Salt and Peper are MUST HAVES, the other seasonings are optional. For CI sear ONLY Salt and Pepper as the other seasonings just burn and go bitter, the butter finish in the CI is were the other fresh seasonings are added.

2- A hot sear temp (a +1inch thick is best, ie 1.25"-1.5"). This can be by fire, coals, grill grates, or a pre-seasoned hot gas grill (I let my Weber pre-heat for at least 20 mins preferably 30). Note a fire sear like the above can also be done in a kettle if you have a swinging grate you can add small wood splits over the coals. A 1/2 full vortex with some wood chunks can also be used.

3- A roasted finish....IE have the hard sear, then allow the steak to "roast" to the desired INT (5 degrees less). The +1 inch thickness makes this possible.

4-A elevated rack rest....Putting a cooked steak on a plate will continue the cook and even give it a boiled meat texture as the moisture leaves and is trapped on the plate.

The next two are from Gorgan Ramsey:
5- A steak needs a sauce of some kind, if butter is used it HAS to be HOT cold butter will turn the surface gray and cool it....ie cold compound butter is a NEVER....Hot compound butter is welcomed!

6- If the steak is cut like the Tomahawks above the cut slices NEED to be hit with some salt. Not a lot, but a pinch as its plated
I dry brine with a very heavy coating of salt for 1 hour or more for every inch of steak thickness. 1-1/2" steak equals at least 1-1/2 hours. Place steak on a plate or similar at room temp. When finished brining lightly rinse any remaining salt off, dry, add any desired seasoning except salt, and cook by your method of choice.
I cook hot on a gas grill, or charcoal grill, or cook in very hot cast iron skillet to desired temp and then let rest.
No other tricks involved for me but feel free to embellish.
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