Faulty welds

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sammy d

Original poster
Oct 9, 2013
Irving Texas
I bought a cooker at a church auction. It was made from a large propane tank. After cooking on it several times I have come to notice several small items that are giving me some concern. One of them being a faulty weld. I see a slightly larger than pinhole sized hole at one of the seams. I suspect there may be more but I haven't taken the time to look for any more.

My question is, Can I plug the pinholes with something like JBWELD? I have used the product on other things before and it held up really well but it wasn't exposed to the kind of heat that would be in a smoker. The hole is where the firebox is attached to the cooking chamber.
Sammy, morning...... Have you addressed the issues, in your other thread, that suggestions were made to fix.... Pin holes shouldn't be a problem.... Try the JB weld.... Can't hurt.....
Hi Dave,

I haven't addressed much, other than I plan to open up the vent into the cooking chamber from the fire box. It was recommended that I remove the part that keeps the vent partially covered. I may open it up little by little to see how the temp improves. As far as the stack is, I won't be able to do anything about that unless I can get a welder over here to re-fab it for me. The max for my cooker is 40 inches and I am right there. I may want to open another air inlet on the other side of the fire box but again, I need a welder here to do that for me.

I haven't been able to do any cooking other than frying the turkey on Thanksgiving. It was a big hit so it looks like I will be doing it again for Christmas. Also, I have a lot of fish to fry then I need to go out and catch some more.

I'll try the JBWELD and see what happens.


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