Fantasy Football 2021

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Feb 28, 2010
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It's that time again, our fantasy football leagues have been renewed. if you have decided not to play this year let me know or just go to the league and delete your team.
Good Luck to everyone.
Both leagues are full, but if there is enough interest I will start a 3rd league. At least one former player wants in, anyone else?
Don't be shy, doesn't cost anything to play- bragging rights only.
I have started a 3rd league and there is room for 6 more players. Anyone gonna step up for some friendly competition?:emoji_football:
I’m in! Can’t believe I missed this. I replied to the league from last year but doubt me in again. I was smoke ring in smfII
Haven’t done this in 20 years, maybe time to return … I’m in, if a relative newbie perhaps unfamiliar with new rules won’t muck it up for others.
Good evening all! Hate to admit that after my first year in SMFII, I have been inactive for a couple years now. Actually I haven't played in any of my typical leagues with buddies for a few years. But I'm back! Changed my team name to Blowin Smoke and am fully engaged this season.
My apologies to everyone in there, I know it's a pain in the @$$ when there are inactive managers in the league.
Also, I have to say thanks to the yahoo ranking system, because they auto drafted me a pretty solid squad to work with. Good luck to everyone (just slightly less luck than me would be great, lol).
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