Electric ECB and getting the right amount of smoke

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lookwow, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I just got an electric ECB and today i tried messing around with getting the temp and smoke right. I cant seem to get the right amount of smoke. I used hickery chuncks. I tried it with 30 min soaked chuncks and the amount of smoke seemed good until they start on fire. So i tired taking unsoaked one and rapping them in foil and cutting slits. That didnt seem to get enough smoke. What do you all suggest. I though i could try wet chunks in a metal pan sitting right on the heating element.
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    try a small cast iron chip box,you can find them at lowes or home depo.thats what i use with my chunks
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    You are getting too much Oxygen to the chips! A good smoke is where you have enough heat in a combustion area, but not enough Oxygen to promote a flame.  Throw a piece of foil over the chips or some other way to limit the air in the box and you will have it.  I commonly use a foil wrap around some chips in the BBQ to limit air to the chips and get smoke rather than flame. 
  4. Did alot of searching on this subject as well, what I found in the forum:

    Do not place anything directly on the heating element, you can damage it.

    perforated foil packets and perforated steel cans have been suggested,...

    I tried both in my Elect ECB neither worked out for me. Chips were not getting enough oxygen to smolder in my experiment.

    So far soaked chips do produce That thin blue smoke, but fizzle out pretty quickly.

    now Its also argued that smoke penetration is only absorbed within the first hour anyway, so a long smoke is not really needed.

    ( IMO - That is debatable ) 

    Currently I am looking to MOD mine out with an additional grate placed over the element similar to how the original grates are inserted, to which I can add Todd's Amazin Pellet smoker for a long smoke at higher temps. or you can try an additional grate with some type of pie pan ( not aluminum or galvanized steel ) filled with chips or chunks. Just a suggestion as I haven't tried either method out yet.

    Hope this helps

  5. Although I am no expert, I can say what works for me. I place a few chunks between the coils (none too big that they touch the coil) along with 2 pieces of charcoal. (It does help) I try not to add too much wood at one time. It's easy to croud the element and cause the chunks to catch fire and easy enough to add chunks when they burn down. I've been running my Brinkman for almost a year and this has been working for me so far.

    Just my

    Good luck.[​IMG]
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    First you want to know what good smoke is. Bad smoke on the left, good on the right. Remember if you smell wood burning, you are smoking.

    Now there comes a point, that all wood with catch fire some. You just do not want a roaring flame as it will raise your Smoker temps up.

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