Easy Way to Get Started Brewing Beer

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Nov 18, 2006
Hi All -

I am new to smoking but I've been brewing beer for a long time! Brewing beer is pretty easy but like most things there are basic rules.

I good way to get started is with a small kits called Mr Beer. It only makes about 2.5 gallons at a time, takes almost no space (you wives will like that) and it's cheap! You may not like brewing and you'll only be out a few dollars. If you like it it's a good place to learn the in and outs on a small scale.


I have a small website you can check out to compare different way of brewing and a small PDF book (only 88 pages) you can review to help you decide - it's free just helping people get started.

I sent a link to my wife so she can get me one for Christmas.


I think you'll be amazed at just how simple making beer at home is!

Just DON"T mistake the Mr. Beer kit with the Beer machine they sell at WalMart. Not only is it about 5 time more expensive but I can send you to a forum where a ton of folks are trying to get it to work right.

MR BEER is the one you want! Let me know when you get started I'll send you a Brew log spreadsheet.

Oh BTW - Don't let the brew books intimitdate you. They make home brewing sound like rocket science. It can be almost a simple as making a cup of tea (except for the bottling).

Have Fun
Sorry Cheech

I never really intended to go public with the smoking site because it's alot of copied info not my own work. I'm not sure how copyrights work on the internet. All the other sites are my own work so there open to everyone. I don't suppose sharing with you guys can get me into trouble.
Hey Debi, in regards to creating PDF's which file am I supposed to download from the link you sent. It looks like it is 9.99 month or 99.99 per year.


I know there's a freeware or shareware program somewhere to make PDF files but I couldn't find it for you.
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