Dumb question :)

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Oct 28, 2013
Good morning guys and gals,

Quick question, when should i insert the thermometer probe in the brisket? and it should go in the thickest part of the meat right? :-)
First off there are no dumb questions, if you need to know you need to know....... and Yes, insert the thermometer into the thickest part.....ShoneyBoy
It depends on how hot your cooking it. If you are doing the low and slow method, then you will likely be looking at 1 - 1.5 hours per pound. Once you reach that hour per pound point, you could take a look to see where it's at.

Yes, you want to insert into the thickest part of the meat. I highly recommend you get the Maverick ET-732 wireless thermometer. It lets you monitor the temp of the pit and the temp of the food. It is very accurate and has a long range. I can walk around m house all day and always know what the temp of my pit and food is at all times with it.

And like ShoneyBoy said... There are no dumb questions!
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yes i have the maverick and i plan on getting a 10-13 pund brisket running my MES at 225-235 range.
When I smoke Brisket in that range, it takes every bit of 1.5 hours per pound. When I insert my meat probe, I insert it so that the tip is laying in the thickest part of the meat.
Should the probe be stuck in right away or do you wait until you are past the 140° mark? (food safety)
You wouldn't know if it's 140* without the probe in it, however with a large piece of meat (Butt,Brisket, etc) you should wait at least 2 hours at 200*+ smoker temp---I wait 3 hours. Then sterilize your probe first (I use alcohol wipes). That way the heat will have killed the nasties on the surface of the meat, and the probe won't drive any nasties into the meat.

I put mine in right away, but I always immediately clean mine with an antibacterial soap after use. Before use, I will sterilize like Bear says or with an antibacterial soap.
Right away . Cleanliness and Care of equipment  . . . I calibrate before every Smoke.

Have fun and . . .
I"ll put mine in anytime between hour 5-6. if your cooking at 225 or higher you should be plenty above 140 at this point. Also saves me alteast 4 hours of battery time on my batteries :) 
I should explain this better.

You should always sterilize your meat probe before inserting.

You should also wait 2 or 3 hours to be safe, before inserting the meat probe, because the heat has to kill the nasties on the outside of the meat before you allow your sterile meat probe to drive those exterior nasties into the meat.

The last Prime Rib I smoked, like the others was only 109* IT at 3 hours, so why worry about the first 3 hours on any big hunk of meat.

You also don't have to get it from 40* to 140* in 4 hours, if you didn't inject it, or probe it too early.

  I always use a meat probe condom.  Found the heavy duty type at the Christmas sale.  24 for a dollar.  Seriously now!  Bearcarver knows his stuff and giving good advice.  Food safety is very important and it is always better safe than sorry.  After all most of our food is eaten by folks we care about.  Also as sated, saves battery time, just makes sense. Good luck.  Post pics.  Keep Smokin!

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