Dry cures bacon question

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Nov 8, 2016
I used the calculator but how long to cure a 11 lb belly?
I used the calculator but how long to cure a 11 lb belly?

Salts and cure #1 will travel at about 1/4 inch per day. You want to go by this and the thickness of the meat since you already calculated salt/sugar/cure for the weight of dry curing this bacon belly.

So if you have a 3 inch thick belly you get 1/4 inch penetration from top and from bottom equaling 1/2 total a day because this is a flat piece of meat in rectangular shape (round ball shape meat is more complicated).

So 1/2 inch a day means 3 inches takes 6 days, give 1-2 extra days just to be sure it fully penetrates and that is it!

So 7+ days aught to get it for ya :)
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Yup, tallbm tallbm has you covered.
Also, when using the calculator (this produces a equilibrium cure) if you get hung up for time, because life gets busy, you are fine to let the belly ride for 14 or 20 days in refrigeration. Won’t change the cure, salt or sugar. Very flexible once you clear that first 7 or so days.
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