Dr. Pepper Ham

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brandon wiczen

Original poster
Nov 26, 2013
So I finally got my things together and have started my Dr. Pepper Cured Ham. Unfortunately, I'm not using an actual leg join but rather a deboned pork shoulder. I used slightly over 1tbsp of DQ #1 and 1 2 Liter of Dr. Pepper. Once I bring home a Cambro container from work, I should have it sufficiently covered. 

Moved it to its new home today, a sour cream bucket. I also had a moment of SMRT and used a 2 liter filled partly with water to weigh it down. It is currently camped out on the front porch (one advantage of living in Ohio in the winter). 

I also started a side project with a 2 and half pound boneless shoulder roast I had in the freezer. A friend of mine turned me on to Pickapeppa Sauce (Jamaican Worcestershire sauce, essentially) a while back so I'm using a bottle of that as the flavoring for it. 

It's slightly hot, I would put it somewhere in the mild/medium range of heat. Unless one has absolutely no tolerance for "hot" it wouldn't be bad really. In terms of flavor, I would say sweet, hot, tangy, but still very "brown" like A1 or Worcestershire sauce is. Its made from tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, mangoes, raisins, tamarinds, peppers and spices which is then aged in oak barrels like whiskey or wine.

That looks very nice can we get a shot of it sliced open or is it gone already.
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