Double R Ranch Cowboy Chop from SRF with Q-View

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  1. Finally got around to the Cowboy Chop from Double R Ranch, sold by Snake River Farms.  I purchased several of these and several of my buddies from work tried one, as well.  They all have said that they were excellent.  I have to agree 100%.

    The packaging (like the brisket) was hand labeled with the weight (1.96# to be specific).  I thawed the steak in the fridge (as recommended) for a day and a half or so.  I have to say that the steak packaging leaked some meat juice during the thawing process so the package integrity had been compromised at some point in time.  One of the guys from work had the same experience.  When I opened the package, I was extremely satisfied with the color and marbling of the steak.  I seasoned heavily with salt and pepper, returned to the fridge overnight, and pulled out of the fridge a couple of hours before grill time.  Preheated the grill to 225 (lump only - no chips for this one) and put that bad boy on there with the Maverick in the center of the meat.  It took about an 1.25 hours to get to 130.  I brought the steak inside and put it in a cast iron pan that had been prewarming in the oven at 550.  I put the steak in the dry pan for about 1.5 minutes and flipped.  Flipped the steak over to one side of the pan and added a big bunch of thyme and a few tablespoons of butter and butter basted the steak for another 2-3 minutes.  Pulled off the pan and let it rest for about 10 minutes or so before slicing and plating.  My wife had to remind me to take after pictures because I was about to dive right in........

    The steak was absolutely delicious and is, without a doubt, the best steak I have ever personally prepared.  The Mrs. and 2.5 year old agree, as well - he ate at least 1/4 of the steak himself......

    Hope you enjoy the Q-view:

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    That looks awesome!! [​IMG]

    I am limited on my knowledge of meat cuts; could you educate me on this one? I would like to try what you did sometime![​IMG]
  3. That's a prime-grade, bone-in, frenched ribeye.  I ordered this from Snake River Farms.  Highly recommend.
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    Nice Job!

    Gotta get me some of those cowboys!

    BTW, Love the screen name!

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    Looks great!
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    Thank you very much for explaining!

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