Do I need to brine a frozen turkey that contains a brine solution

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There may be some differing opinions on this.. I always brine turkeys even if they've already been brined.

Here's my thinking.. I've eaten a LOT of unburned turkeys that are already injected and never once have I ever thought they were salty or had them end up as juicy as they do when I brine them.


It' s my opinion that the process they use at the factory, is quick and inferior to what you can do at home.

I've never regretted brining the turkey.. I have had some regret when I did not brine the turkey especially where the lean breast meat is concerned.

Regarding the Lowes buckets.. probably not food grade although I haven't checked.

I have used them back in the day but I try to use food grade containers now and recommend that since I know that bad plastic can put a lot of Phthalates in your food.. nasty stuff that you don't want to eat.

If you can find some food grade liners, that would make the Lowes bucket okay.
Yeah I got some kinders kits for like 11 bucks on amazon came with brine, a bag and some rub. Bags are like 6 bucks.

PS we LOVE firehouse subs here in the capital of commiefornia.
I think Reynolds oven bags would work for a bucket liner as well.
I do the bucket in the cooler with ice on the back porch also as my fridge does not have the room!
Brining a pre-brine-injected turkey can be a good thing, but be mindful of what you are using for a rub and injection (if any). I wrote on this forum about a week ago about a pre-injected turkey that I smoked, injecting first with Zatarains Cajun Butter and rubbing with Zatarains Cajun Rub. Both fine choices, but both very salty. I opted to skip the brine, and the turkey still turned out saltier than we would have liked. It would have been worse had it been brined.

I'll still brine pre-injected turkeys in the future, but only with low salt rubs and injections. I'll reserve the Zatarains for when I can find a turkey that isn't pre-injected.
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