Do different smokers smoke differently

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mattyoc20, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. mattyoc20

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    The reason I ask is that is seams like my stuff smokes a lot quicker than the times I see suggested.  I am using the weber smokey mountain 18.5.  Since the heat comes straight up does that mean my meats will smoke quicker?  I always smoke around 225.
  2. Nope, every smoker smokes exactly the same

    jk... ;)

    They're all different--sometimes vastly so...size, humidity, efficiency all play important parts...if you find your smoker consistently cooking faster than your peers, you may want to verify your smoker temps, as that's a frequent area of inaccuracy...
  3. geerock

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    You may be cooking at different temps and not know it. The stock dial therms that come with some of these units can be way off.
  4. cliffcarter

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    Is getting done cooking faster than other people report a bad thing? As long as you know how your WSM operates that is more important than anything else. If you know your cooker then you will be successful, whether your thermometer is accurate or not.JM2C.
  5. mattyoc20

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    I have checked the temp gauges and they are good it only sucks bc you try to plan a dinner time and some times im done 2.5 hours early. I would like to smoke the long hours because i feel that is how you get the most tender meats. Maybe im wrong
  6. foil, towel, cooler (or, warmer, in this case) great especially if you're just 2.5 hours early!
  7. mattyoc20

    mattyoc20 Smoke Blower

    Had to pull the ribs off.  Done in 4 hours at 225.  I put them in the color as mentioned.  Will they be ok in there for 3 hours?

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