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Hi everyone, I have been doing lots of research on my own but cant seem to find what t PPM of cure #1 is recommended for whole muscle curing. I want to do american bacon,canadian bacon and buckboard bacon. I want to do dry brine. I have checked all of the calculators and most ask for the PPM of cure. I think 150 PPM is what I need. I will dry brine and cure in the fridge for the recommended time then hot smoke till temp reaches 140-150
You want to start out using 156ppm nitrite which is applied as Cure #1 at a rate of .25% to meat weight.

Here is my basic dry rub for all meats:

1.5% fine sea salt
.25% cure #1
.75% sugar.

Mix this up and coat all sides of the meat evenly. These percentages are all to the meat weight.

You want to convert or calculate all weights in grams, because this is more precise in measurement.

To convert pounds to grams multiply pounds by 454 this will equal grams. From here all the percentage calculations will be in gram weight.
Sorry Doug I miss typed. I dry brine just want to know for whole muscle cures using #1 cure what parts per million I should use. Right know I have just been using the .25% of the meat weight to calculate my cure
.25% is exactly what you want.
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