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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by meatmarauder, Aug 23, 2016.

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    I have a color problem with deer sausage I recently made. I have made sausage several times without issue but this time I pushed myself over max capacity and did an 85 lbs batch of varying flavors. My summer turned out great but my link sausage came out off color. By this I mean some of the sausages turned a nice mahogany color, some towards the middle of the smoker did not, some of them even have a nice mahogany color on the top but grayish (picture cooked meat through window of natural hog casing) on the bottom. I took one of the grey ones out and put it in the oven to see if it would eventually turn and it did. I used an instacure #1 @ 1 tsp per 5 lbs  as always, and thoroughly mixed the meat, stuffed the cases and refrigerated overnight so I do not think I have a cure issue. I cut corners where I normally wouldn't, and did not properly dry the links before starting. Also since my capacity didn't quite match my enthusiasm, I may have overloaded the smokers (was running 2 cabinet smokers and 1 side box). I suspect that because of this the ones towards the middle didn't get enough heat or smoke. The top rack seems to be all fine, middle rack was not.

    As I have never had this issue, I am worried that the sausage will be unsafe. Any ideas which of my many fouls would cause this? Is it safe to eat?

    I always grill or hot smoke (225 deg) the smoked sausage before consumption anyways. Insight appreciated.

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    did you poke some holes in casings before smoking, sometimes the grease will build up in certain spots, this might cause some discolor, were links touching, i usually rotate links every 11/2 to 2 hours to help with even cooking.also not drying casings could do it , if it was cured and cooked to at least 145, i would not be afraid to eat them just because of color, once you cook them again you might get the color you were looking for. good luck
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    Got any pics? Lots of factors here. I may be able to help some if i can see.

    Also not to step on anyones toes you should not have to poke the casings unless to let air pockets out. The only time you will get grease or a Fat-Out is when the heat is to high above a cabinet temp IT of 170* Yes smokers can have hot and cold spots in them and is a good idea to move chubs and sticks around IE: Front to back, middle to sides and so on. Vent positions are very important, some think Oh keep the top vent close to keep in the heat. Not. A closed vent causes condensation to build up and can give your casings a weird look not to mention the black rain inside the cabinet. I dont use a probe while smoking sausage, As you know only the tip of the probe does the readings. Fat can cavitate at the tip and give false readings and if you do use a probe on chubs, use it from the top down.

    Just my way of doing smoked sausage. Your results may vary.

    Smoke On.

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