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Dang, Ny'ers

Discussion in 'New York Members Group' started by big fish, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. sweenner

    sweenner Fire Starter

    Well I ended up buying one. Got the 5x8. Will probably be trying it tomorrow, as we decided over wings and beer at lunch, we should have pulled pork and sides tomorrow.

    Do you guys have a problem with air flow? Do you leave the chip tube out? I was just wondering if I would disconnect my cold smoker I have now, or if I can just have the ash tray open for air flow.

    Also, any preferences on pellets, or should any hardwood/fruit wood pellet work fine? The local Ace hardware carries Trager pellets in the 18lb. bag, figure that would hold me over for a bit.

    Thanks guys. If we get creative, I will be sure to take some pictures.
  2. dalber

    dalber Fire Starter

    No air flow issues for me. I pull the chip tube out about two inches as well as the chip tray inside the smoker.

    I also ordered my pellets from A-MAZE-N. I have no experience with the Traeger pellets.

    I look forward to seeing some of those photos!

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  3. I’ve seen plenty of people who just put it in the main smoking chamber. Since I don’t have the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment, I use the mailbox mod and never have an issue with air flow. I would not recommend leaving the stock chip tube feeder out as you’ll lose a lot of heat with it out.
  4. sweenner

    sweenner Fire Starter

    So, I ended up getting apple wood pellets, because I figured they would be better acrosss the board than the mesquite. Especially for cheeses and stuff. Only ended up doing a batch of beans in the smoker tonight, because my brother in law showed up with a 9lb boneless ribeye roast (who am I to turn down a bunch of thick steaks!)

    Only filled the first row and touched it off. It ended up making smoke for nearly 4 hours! Very impressed!

    Already looking forward to trying some cheese or something like that soon. I really like how I don't have my garage filling with smoke from all the leaks in the MES cold box.
  5. LanceR

    LanceR Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Sweener, I'd suggest waiting for fall or winter to smoke cheese as it very temperature sensitive and it doesn't take much to get it sweating oils etc.  After a few cheese smokes you can decide how warm it can be without pushing your luck too much.

  6. sweenner

    sweenner Fire Starter

    That's what I was thinking Lance. With the location of my smoker, I will probably wait until early fall when it's not as hot through the day. Until then, I want to try some Canadian bacon and snack sticks.
  7. LanceR

    LanceR Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member


    Good luck with the Canadian bacon and snack sticks.

    You can smoke the cheese anytime the nights get cool enough to have both cool air and a cool smoker .  Cheese smoking times are short enough that a late evening smoke is easy to do.

    A small hot plate with a small pan for wood chips set under a bottomless box that has a few dowels stuck through the sides to hold a rack works just fine for a cold smoker for cheese.  A tall skinny box works best as it lets you give the smoke a chance to cool before reaching the cheese.  The cooler the smoke and the cheese are the better and a little bit of smoke goes a long way.  Use a light touch to start as it is easy to make the cheese bitter and you can always hit it with more smoke but you can't take smoke out of it.

    My experience is to let the cheese mellow for a day before tasting it as it seems to be more bitter fresh from the smoke but mellows with a day to rest.  The rest also lets the smoke penetrate some and evens out the flavor.

    Good quality cheese is your best bet.  I prefer a mild or medium cheddar, a Colby or something like a Gouda.  I haven't been able to warm up to Swiss but your mileage may vary.

  8. Rookie smoker here from a hill-town in Albany County. Bought a Masterbuilt vertical charcoal smoker about a month ago. Learning curve, but having a blast learning, and keeping a journal on my smokes.
    Going to smoke a couple turkey wings and legs this Saturday ( weather permitting ). Will be my 4th smoke. Looking forward to learning and maybe even passing along anything I pick up with others.
  9. Finally getting cool enough to do some cheese. Planning on doing a large variety to give out as gifts. Last year I smoked cheese with the mailbox mod and it worked beautifully. Hardest part is waiting at least 6 weeks for the resting period.
  10. sweenner

    sweenner Fire Starter

    Hope the weather is better for you guys down there than it has been for us this week. Ended up getting about 5” of rain between Sunday and Monday! The journal is a great idea, I actually started doing it after my first cheese run.

    And Lancer, the Canadian Bacon was a HUGE hit. I am on the constant lookout for pork loin sales now...and in fact have family on the look out as well (so I can make them some!).
  11. nyc oz

    nyc oz Newbie

    NYC Here>> Queens to be exact. Love my Snack Sticks , Kabanosky and Bacon. Running a MES 30 with a mailbox mod and amnps .
    Just found the NY group
  12. Sweener, it ended up being pretty cold and windy. Skin on the turkey was like chewing a tire tube. I have to mad e a few mods to that smoker. Hopefully, the new propane smoker will help in those colder windy days.
  13. sweenner

    sweenner Fire Starter

    Welcome aboard nyc oz!

    That's a bummer on the skin, and one that I always fear doing a bird of any kind in mine. We were in fact going to smoke the turkeys this year as well, but went with the trash can approach, and they turned out GREAT!
  14. cany

    cany Newbie

    New Guy here from LongIsland NY
  15. dalber

    dalber Fire Starter

    Welcome from Upstate, cany!
  16. cany

    cany Newbie

    Thanks dalber
  17. YogiDog

    YogiDog Newbie

    New to page Not to smoking 22 WSM for 4 or 5 yrs Started off using 22 Weber kettle Located
    On LI Sound near CT
  18. Otis54

    Otis54 Newbie

    Hello fellow NYers. New to this site. I've got a Masterbuilt 30 and had a Big Chief smoker for about 35 years.