Cutting your own smoke wood

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  1. I’ll have maybe $10 in gas for the truck, another $5 for the saw. It is work, but I won’t put a cost on my time since he needs help doing it, and the exercise isn’t going to hurt, I need it. I like cutting wood. In the end, I’ll get a few hundred $ worth of chunks, or more. I have plenty of dry storage as well.
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    Lol.. I don't know.. I use 30 lbs a year maybe. It's all good. Just not my idea of fun. I have no place to store it either.. no saw.. no hatchet. No chainsaw.. no lust for free wood.
  3. No saw, that’s goes against some man law I think. Lol. No lust for free wood, just taking some since it’s available, and helping a friend out.
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    Good deal.. I'm just being a dillweed. Lol

    Have fun.. enjoy.
  5. Cheers!
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    Of all the questions that could start a debate, I did not think this would be one of them!
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    This one always "opens a can"
    The main thing is work smarter,not harder in processing.That's why I cut to length and split to size initially so it will season/dry faster and also use natural bar oil since I save the dust.
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    I say my time is worth $20 an hour. If I used 10 hours finding, transporting , cutting and putting away piles of wood chunks to fit in my $29.00 smoker, that's $200 to me doing some work. After I worked 45 hrs.
    I can buy 30 bags of any type wood chunks for that $200 time investment. That's like 5 years worth of chunks to use up.
    It's not going to break the bank for me to use $6 or $7 six times a year.
    I think that if people enjoy cutting wood and they have the tools and spare time to do it, that's great.. I can just think of 500 other things that are much easier or fun to me than chopping up wood for wood chunks.
    It's to easy for me to reach out and grab a bag or 5 and toss it in the cart like if it were a can of beans. Lol
    If I used 500 lbs of wood a year for my smoker I would try and find it free and cut it.
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    I don't know, being outside with the smoker or kettle going listening to a ballgame on the radio with the pooch at my side trimming up a few tree limbs I find very relaxing. In my case no traveling is required as my neighbors have apple trees and I have maples on my property. Bonus, I can take a dip in the pool afterwards.

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    I'm certainly not going to go out and cut my own smoke wood all the time. This was a case where two trees were available and being cut down anyway, so I asked for some pieces to be saved.

    I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but I don't mind the manual labor now and then. I have a job that is either in the office or sitting on airplanes traveling from place to place, so it's nice to use my hands for stuff around the house.
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    Yes but the wife can't talk to you when you're wearing ear protection and running the chainsaw! ;)
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