Cured pork sausage smoking

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If your going to reheat it to 155-160 then I would say your fine at 145, if you plan on eating straight from the smoker I would go to 155-160
Yes sir I'm smoking 10#s of pork sausage and 11.32 grams of ure#1.
Before the sous vide circulators became a popular item I used to smoke my hot dogs into the 140°'s then let them slowly come up to temp in a water bath in a electric roaster. I still finished to 153° or so but I didn't overshoot the internal. Now with my sous vide circulator I could pick a lower number, say 150°, and leave them long enough to pasteurize. I'm not sure what the texture would be like if I used a lower temp.

When I sous vide fresh sausages, I'll go 158° for 90 minutes, then brown in butter for color. I do put beer in the bag and prick the sausages in a few places.
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