cryo-vac packed top sirloin storage time?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by isitdoneyet, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. isitdoneyet

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    Found some vac sealed 12# top sirloin with sell by dates of Feb. 17. I will be making summer sausage out of them, but can't get to it for 3 weeks.

    My options as I see them are the following:

    1: store in fridge until then and then cut and grind.

    2: Freeze until needed then thaw, cut and grind.

    3: cut into pieces sized ready to grind, then vac seal and freeze until needed.

    4: cut, grind, vac seal and freeze until needed

    What is everyone's thoughts and opinions or other options?
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Top sirloin isn't fatty enough for sausage making. I'd use it for something else. If you want to grind your own beef for sausage use Chuck or seven bone. It has the fat content needed.

    If you are still wanting to use your sirloin for sausage you will need to add ground pork butt for fat.

    Three weeks is too long to leave in the fridge. If you still plan on grinding it. I'd cut it into strips and freeze. I have found that strips feed better than chunks.
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  3. isitdoneyet

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    Dirtsailor2003 thanks for the reply. It will be mixed with pork butt at 2 beef to 1 pork ratio. I was thinking 3 weeks was too long. I will probably cut up and freeze. Again thanks.I'll try to post some pics of the sausage when we make. 

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