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i cock before climbing in stand without bolt, i use the rope to cock mine with no problems, i would look into some good broadheads, i'm not much for the mechanical ones, i do like my muzzy 3 blades.


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Appreciate everyone’s responses. I just went to the local Dunham’s, and they have some deals going on Killer Instinct and Barnett crossbows. Look like decent options to get me started.

Any experience comparing KI to Barnett?

KI seems to be the “newer” and faster models.


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I hunted with a crossbow once, once. I hate crossbows, they’re cumbersome, heavy, slow to reload , noisy and they encourage unethical hunting practices. They do launch a bolt at remarkable speeds and are incredibly accurate. I telescoped the first two bolts I shot in fact but this isn true archery. The skill required is next to nil thus encouraging the unwilling to learn to fling bolts at too far ranges thus wounding and crippling far too many deer. If you want to bow hunt get a bow and learn to shoot it. Archery is a rewarding activity, relaxing and fun, crossbows are just killing.
:emoji_astonished: I've gotta partially agree, and yet moreso disagree since you paint with too broad a brush.


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disclaimer; i dont have or ever shot a cross bow.
i have taken deer with bow, shotgun, rifle.
ethics is the the hunter not the weapon.

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