Crazy Cajun Sausage Pot Pie (Lotsa Pics)

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Reminds me of some of the concoctions I made when I was an actual bachelor, and I would have eaten the crust too like a taco :-)
Keep 'em coming!
(Oh by the way for true Cajun you need bell peppers and celery to go with the onion.)

I like putting together concoctions. It's fun and you never know what you're gonna end up with. If you look at the first pic though, I did use peppers. Sadly the celery in the fridge...well it was looking sadly, hence none in the dish.

I'd be thrilled bellying up to that dish in a heartbeat Robert, nice piece of work for a lazy guy!

Thanks Ray!! You'd enjoy this but Mrs. Tenderbelly, not so much :emoji_laughing:

Looks great Robert! I have added this to my never ending list of stuff to try out. Did the tort get real soggy in there?

Appreciate it my friend. No, the tort did not get soggy. With it right up against the hot CI skillet it actually crusted up a bit. You would absolutely go nuts over this one!!

Yup that’s flavor town right there! Looks delicious. I like it. Nice work, as usual.

Thanks so much!!

Nice Robert . Great colors and flavors. You will just have to try it again.. I know what a shame.. to see if you can add a thickener
of some kind so it will slice like a big piece of Cajun cake. Or put them in individual hand pies : ).

Good ideas David but I think I'll just serve it as you would a bowl of red beans and rice. No sense reinventing the wheel for this one. More bread would have been nice though.

As Guy Fieri says that is Flavortown!! Looks awesome and I’m sure tasted awesome as well

Thanks Jeff!! It certainly was tasty, no question about that.

That looks delicious!! I thought maybe you were just going to wrap it all up. Great meal.

Wrapping isn't gonna work. Just too saucy to hold together. I do appreciate the kind words but this one is just gonna be served in a traditional Cajun style next time.

Whatcha eat der Boudreaux?

Why it's a Mexa-Cajun-Texa-Tort!

Now dat be funny Budreaux!! Thanks for the chuckle Keith.

Man, that looks delicious Robert! Interesting blend of flavors going on there.

Thanks Steve. It was a nice balance of flavors without getting too crazy and being able to maintain a traditional Cajun theme.

Great idea for a quick meal. Bookmarked for a try

Thanks Jimmy!! The only thing that took any time was 25 minutes to cook the red beans and rice. Still in all though, taking that into account it was about 45 minutes total time.

Robert, that looks great and the flavors sound like they'd really pop!! I could see using that as a dip with Scoops, as well as a main dish

Scoops sounds like a great idea!!! I'd recommend cutting the meat smaller though.

Damn Robert. That is a killer looking plate of food. You have been on your game lately

Thanks Brian!! You've been turning out some fine looking stuff recently also.

Looks great Robert and that’s sure gotta be tasty! I love all those flavors.

Thanks Joe. It definitely brought the flavors, no doubt about that.

Nice job Robert!
That is a delicious looking meal!

Very much appreciate it Al. The accolades mean a lot sir.

Your creation looks like a keeper! We do something similar called a taco pie

YES!! I make the same sort of taco pie and that was actually the inspiration for this one.

Man Wow what a cool idea and a great looking dish.

Thank you Warren. Very much appreciate the kind words sir.

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