Cranberry Walnut

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Did this one yesterday , mixed in with yard work . I missed my peak of the starter , so I added 1/2 tsp of yeast for some insurance .
Had about 20 bucks in walnuts and dried cranberries . Wasn't going to risk it not rising .

Got it all mixed . Followed the instructions for the add ins . I didn't get them all in , because it was bulking as I was doing that , and I didn't want to deflate it .
Used a towel in my proofing bowl so the berries wouldn't stain it .
Let it proof in the fridge for an hour . I probably didn't need the extra yeast , but that's OK . I do that to some degree most of the time . Just how I do it .
Had a lot of flour on it . I was worried about it sticking to the towel .
Didn't get the color I was hoping for .
Bottom looked good .
Need to work on the add ins . Not to bad though .
Had some this morning . My goodness it's good .
Made great toast , and gonna have to use some for French toast .
Great flavor in this . Would also make a good turkey sandwich .
Got one to do today . Heating up the bread oven now . I have light wheat
that I mixed up yesterday with this one , but held it overnight in the fridge .
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You are becoming a master baker Rich, nice work! I'm loving French toast made with sourdough, cook up a little bacon to go with it, makes me think of The Bear every time. RAY
I'll have to try some sourdough the next time we make French toast. Love bacon with it too!
Looks great Rich! Between you and Rick the carb center of my brain goes bonkers haha. Beautiful breads
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I noticed that walnuts are nearly as expensive as pecans now. That's not cool, walnut growers.....

I would love a hunk of that slathered in Danish Creamery butter.

That has been my favorite slatherin butter for a while now. The regular is better than the 'euro' version. Food Lion runs it on sale every 6 weeks or so. I buy 2 when it's bogo, same price as store brand that way.

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I would love a hunk of that slathered in Danish Creamery butter.
I've been eating it plain . Huge flavor in this one . Toasted some this morning and just used some average butter . Still good , but high end butter would be great .
My Son is a dairy manager at a local grocery . He comes home with all kinds of good stuff . Butter included .
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Looks great! When do you add in the Walnuts and cranberries?
Thanks . I did it during the stretch and folds . I think next time I'll roll it out flat and fold it in .
It was bulking up fast , so I didn't get it all in . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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