Craigs List Late Night....look what I found.

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  1. smokey mo

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    So I am working late one night and trying to kill time so I started looking on Craigslist for restaurant equipment.  So I see this contraption and it says $40. Please serious inquiries only.  Ok, I'll bite. So I ask if he is serious about the price and such. He answers back quickly and next thing you know I have a trip the next day to pick this thing up.  He is two hours away and says be here by such and such so I am flying. I get there and I fell in love.  I don't know how why or where I will use it but its MINE! So what I am the new owner of is this: a wood fire rotisserie.  It has the burger/chop racks and a basket that I would assume is for fish halves or racks of ribs.  The bricks inside need to be re=mortared but are all there.  It is home made but whoever made it was a great craftsman.  Everything is just perfectly fit together.  $40!!! I will be cleaning and doing the few repairs then next season it will be rolling along.  

    So give me some ideas what I should cook on this thing.  I am excited for the possibilities.

  2. tsin

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    Never seen any thing like it  but wish it was me  My mind is rolling 
  3. c farmer

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    Wow, that sure looks neat.

    Need some q-view when you use it.
  4. kettleq

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    NICE!! Can't wait for your Qviews!

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