Corned beef snack sticks

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    well I made the "corned beef" snack sticks. They are very good but you wouldn't know I used corned beef. Great sticks all things being equal.
    I used BIG CASINO's snack stick recipe, Thank You BIG CASINO.
    I used four pounds corned beef points trimmed and ground and one pound of lean ground beef. Other than this I followed the Casino' recipe

    1cup ice water
    1tsp insta-cure
    4tsp salt
    1TBS brown sugar
    1tsp ground mustard
    2tsp whole mustard seed
    1tsp coarse ground black pepper - add more if you like pepper taste
    2tsp white ground pepper - substitute with black pepper if you dont have this
    1TBS Paprika
    1tsp onion powder - more or less to taste
    1tsp garlic powder - more or less to taste

    If you like it hot add the following
    2TBS crushed red pepper
    2TBS ground cayenne pepper - more or less to taste

    mix all spices and cure#1 into 1 cup of ice cold water mix into ground beef until mixed through
    stuff into casing, hang at room temp until casings are dry, approx 1 to 2 hrs,
    place into smoker preheated to around 130 degrees for one hour to dry casings, then add smoke for 1hr or until desired color, then raise heat to 150 for one hr then raise heat to 180 until an internal temp of 152 to 160 degrees,
    place into ice cold water until IT drops below 90, if you want you can then spray the sticks with hot water to remove any grease on the casings, then rinse in cold water again then bloom sticks at room temperature until casings are dry or desired color is obtained then refrigerate in a brown paper bag
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    They sound good but


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    I have been admonished, it did happen
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    Welcome to the world of smoking addiction! You'll get addicted to the Qview too!

  5. Nice looking sticks!
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    Does Intsa-Cure call for 1 tsp per pound of meat?  Because that should be the amount left to cure correct?

    I was thinking of something similar, only I was going to use all ground beef and add ground pickling spice into the mix to cure all at once.  The pickling spices may get lost in the rest of the spice though.

  7. 1 tsp. cure #1 does 5 lbs. of meat.

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