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Compare Your Food or Not

When I smoke meat ...

  • I usually compare to someone or someplace else

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  • I only compare to my best smoke... so far

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  • I never compare - I smoke & hope for the best

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smoke 2 geaux

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Joined Mar 18, 2010
I agree with most of you guys here. Most home q is always better than the restaurants. Like buzzard says, if you are going to do it right, you have to start the next days meat as soon as todays dinner is over, meaning that you never go home. So, they all find shortcuts to cut down on hours and boost the bottom line and the product suffers for it.

A guy trying to make a living just can't afford to put the love and attention into each piece of meat like us hobbyists do. I have just about given up on eating Q out. We do have one local place here who's meat is delicious, but his sides are terrible. (way to common in bbq restaurants)


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Joined Oct 23, 2009
If I ever manage to make a brisket that's as good as goode's I'll be a happy man. You're right about that place being a baseline.


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Joined Oct 17, 2009
There's excellent Q out there all around. I only compare mine to my best one that I can remember only because I'm searching for that ultimate recipe and others wouldn't understand. In other words I only get mad at myself and not others smoked goodies. They are searching for the same.


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The stuff I sell is the same product what we eat. I won't cut corners cause it's my reputation what goes out with ever item I produce. If the time comes when I gotta compromise the quality a my product ta save er make money, I'm done.

I've thrown stuff out before cause I won't serve an inferior product. Had that with some bob evans ribs (never, ever, never buy them thins, there junk!). Pull back on some a them was nearly 3 inchs!

Do I compare my products ta others in the area? You bet, an a vast majority a the time, mine whoops the pants off the q joints round here. Only one could I say had a pulled pork what was nearly as good as mine, ribs round here suck. One joint used ta smoke lots a stuff, now it comes outa the oven!

It boils down ta havin pride in what ya do. I give folks old fashioned smoked meat. Way I like it.


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Joined Feb 17, 2010
I'd put my meat against any restaurant any day. Even if it doesn't win, it'd come close.

The problem is in the sauce. I've got a couple of good tangy one, but I can't find a sweet sauce that's not too sweet and yet perfectly flavored.


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Joined Dec 16, 2009
We did a overnight trip with the Cub Scouts this past weekend to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. On the way home several of us decided to stop and a "reccomended" BBQ place in Dundee. I ordered the PP with beans and fries, Wife and two other parents ordered the "smoked" prime rib. The other dad with us ordered Catfish and chips.

/rant on

My pulled pork was the most dry tasteless stringy pile of crap I have ever seen on a plate. I wouldn't have served it to my dog. The beans were litterally some no name, out of the can reheated swill, the fries were these limp no seasoning shoestrings. Even the cornbread muffins were so dry and stale they liltterally sucked the moisture out of your mouth.

The three prime ribs that came out had never seen the inside of a smoker, it was you common ordinary cooked to death prime rib.

They only thing that even looked appetising was the frozen catfish filets that my buddy had.

All in all we ended up talking to the owner and telling him that there was no way in hell we were paying for the prime ribs or the PP. We paid for the kids food and the catfish and then stopped at McDonalds and grabbed the 4 of us something to eat.

/rant off

I try not to compare "resturant" bbq to my food because it's an unfair comparison. I litterally have all day to make sure that what I cook is done properly the exact way I like it. Resturants have to cook enough to feed all the potential customers and still make a profit.


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I don't try to compare to restaurants---Aren't any decent smoked meat joints around here.
I take notes from all of the great smokers on this forum. Then I try to get close to what they have done.



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Joined Sep 28, 2008
It's the reason we don't eat out much. Not just BBQ, I like my cooking better than most restaurant food.


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Joined Apr 2, 2010
I voted that
I never Compare...
I usually make the point of making it
better than what I have paid for...
You know,
I can make it better than this....

Well yesterday, the wife & I went to
Pappas BBQ on Nasa RD 1 in webster,
lets just say that even my
WORST Smoke was better than
thier Brisket.

So it will be no comparison this weekend.. lol...


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Joined Feb 5, 2010
I have never been impressed with "Restaurant" BBQ or BBQ in general. We used to have a place called "Mr. Jim's". Their motto was, "You need no teeth to eat our beef". I don't know what happened to that place as time went on, as I have left the state & came back but I know this: I don't have enough money to eat anyone else's Que as I spend that money on making my own. And so far, smoking my own meat is the best thing I have found next to candy coated kisses with wifey. I voted that I only compare to my last smoke as I am always trying to better myself & not outdo the next "Restaurant" or the next guy.

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