Cold weather and cold smoking

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Original poster
Nov 28, 2012
Wisconsin, Madison
I built a smoke house which I can cold and hot smoke in. Hot smoke max temp is about 185. I am thinking its a better cold smoker any way.(that way I get to build another one, shh ddont tell wife). I have 52 pounds of bacon in pops brine coming out later today and sitting in smoker at 40degrees for 6 hours(worked very well last time) . I have no problem keeping the temp at 90 degrees. I start out with good hot charcoal and add my apple wood. 12 hours later we have bacon. I have 2 hams(first attempt at them), the question is how long and how hot do I smoke these bad boys. I do not want to waste that much meat. They are all ready injected and in brine with a mesh hanging bag....I have found and heard different answers. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Pics coming of full, smoking smokehouse tomorrow
I see by now your probably done smoking your hams and bacon. The hams should be taken up to 145 for fully cooked and up to 135 if you are going to finish another day. How did everything turn out?
They all turned out good. Did bacon(sorry my camera broke) then brought temp up to 185 and smoked hams till internal temp was 145. The bacon is sliced and frozen. Hams still setting in fridge. Going to have a ham dinner this weekend. Hope its good. Heck, it was smoked by me, it has to be good. The information came from this sight and it has never been wrong yet.....

Thanks for the reply

I kept making changes to Pop's brine when curing loins and pork butts until I had it just how I like it. Once you get it ironed out it turns out the same every time. Finally I found some belly meat around Wausau and I used the brine the way I've been using it for ham. The bacon turned out so good I could hardly believe I made it myself.

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