Cold Cut Bacon

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Oct 12, 2017
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Good afternoon,
Cold cut bacon is one (of many!) of my favorite and I try hard to keep a few pieces in my freezer all the time. With sky rocketing prices this is not an easy task by I try my best... I like any bacon - cold or hot smoked but cold cut is pretty universal - at least for me: you can fry it if you feel it's right for you at this particular moment or you can use is as a cold cut at any moment... OK, that's enough for introduction... :emoji_wink:
16.5 # of bacon divided into 8 pieces. Cured with salt, Cure 1 and sugar. All ingredients measured using cure calculator.
After cure was applied, all bacon was vac packed and placed in the fridge for 12 days. Usually I try to keep it in the fridge for 14 days but this bacon wasn't to thick so I decided that 12 days is enough.... After 12 days in the fridge bacon is out of vac packs and again in the fridge for over night to dry a bit....and next morning it's ready for smoker:


I kept bacon in the smoker for 6 hours at 135F and now it's ready for vac packing before it will go to Sous Vide bath:


Ready for SV bath:

Bacon was ion Sous Vide bath (poaching) at 145F for 45 min. - I mean 45 minutes while internal meat temperature was 145F.


After poaching I placed bacon (still in vacuum bags) in my cooler covered with ice to cool it till I could place it in the freezer....
This is 12:10 p.m. Saturday and it's time to enjoy this nice, sunny day!!



I hope you enjoy it with me!!
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Sep 15, 2012
Looks real good from my screen. I'd be enjoying some of that bacon.

Point for sure
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Apr 17, 2020
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Looks great. Just used the last of my bacon the other day for BLTs. Gotta get some more curing.
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