Cloth Summer Sausage Bags

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Feb 14, 2012
near Stratford, Ont Canada
Any body know where to get the cloth or muslin bags for summer sausage 3 to 4 lbs.  I had a whack and am running low. The nearest supplier to me wants a buck  bag. Am from Southern Ont. but have a Port Huron address for in States only delivery. Anything in Canada or States would be appreciated I did find one Butcher Supply in Tennessee but was hoping for one closer (shipping charges)

Any help would be appreciated
Why not just go visit a local store that sells clothes and stuff, buy some muslin, use a pair of scissors and cut, this is where a sewing machine comes in very handy.

I am close to some  little Mennonite butcher shops, I think I will try there and see where they get their bags and price them out. If still to expensive then I will go the sewing route. Daughter in-law just got a new fancy sewing machine and is taking a course on how to use everything. some bag sewing would be good practice.  Thanks for the info Martin about "unbleached cotton muslin and type of seam". If I find anything at a reasonable price I'll let you know
yes I noticed that too. I had some bigger bags that I wasn't using cause they were to big so I cut them in half and got my daughter in-law to stich up the end for me I did notice that all the stitching was on the outside. She did kind of a weave stich and it worked great. I am just thinking that if I have to make the bags I will have to get her to it do cause she has the machine, they are busy with jobs and little kids so I don't like to bug them too much but I know she'll do it.
The video is good but you'll definitely want to make the bags so that the enclosed part of the seam is on the outside of the bag.

Well do the french one and simply turn it inside out. 

A book I own, Home Sausage Making by Charles G. Reavis, has a good article on Muslin bags sewing and use for sausages

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You could stuff the bags by hand but I would think it would be a pain because they have to be stuffed fairly tight to eliminate any air. If you are just doing a couple you could try it.

I did get 4 yds. of unbleached Muslin at a mill end store. will get 60 bags and the muslin was $15 so .25 cents a bag instead of a dollar but with no labour included to make the bags.

I have gotten bags from Thedford but was looking for something cheaper. I got some Muslin cloth and made my own. As a matter of fact I used them for the first time yesterday and no blowouts they worked good
Well, Ive been looking for natural cotton bag casings for a long time, seems nobody makes them for retail, just commercial distribution, so I'm going to have some made, at my shop, I work at a large format digital graphics company, and we happen to have 3 industrial sewing machines at the shop, so I'll source out the material, and get them made

If anyone want's some of these, let me know the detail's and then we can figure out the bulk cost's (not including shipping) - KB

FYI at my COST,  No Profit, + outgoing taxes & shipping 

just to clarify - KB
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Hay KB,

  The cotton \ muslin bags are not that hard to find online but they are expensive. I did make some 2 weeks ago after purchasing 1 meter of muslin for $13.00 at a local fabric store. I got 15 bags 9" X 14" (flat) out of the meter and 4.5" X 14" sown in half that held 1078 grams each. I have since got a prepackage 3 meter piece at Walmart for $15.00.

They have been hanging for a week now and will be smoking cold smoking them in the next day or two.
Hi jhend,

what your hanging is exactly what I'm going to have made, that's how my Grandfather did it, and my family would expect me to do it as well, I found some Canadian commercial suppliers online, but they wouldn't sell them to me or ship out west,

My intent is to have some made 4 - 4.5" (once stuffed) x 16" long (once tied)

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