Cleaning out old compressor tank.

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Apr 24, 2023
Converting old horizontal Compressor tank about 50 gallon size. There was a lot of oil and oily dirt. In the tank and the walls are all covered in it. What's the best way to get all that stuff out. The oil is not something I want in my body. I built a fire in the pit yesterday and have about 6" of coals still going.
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Load it with wood and burn it out. Do it twice if unsure. You need active fire, not just coals in the bottom.
I built a similar sized one, my tank is over 100 years old. Burn it out, wire wheel on grinder works wonders. Pressure wash with degreaser. Repeat. I like to use purple power, works well and is biodegradable. I had some pin holes that required patching and welding.

Good luck, have fun, get dirty!

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