Chucky Burnt Ends this past weekend

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 8, 2016
On Sunday I was looking for something to go on the smoker and it was such a beautiful day. I ended up finding a chuck roast that was just over 3 pounds.
I tried something different than I have done in the past and cubed them up before they even went on the smoker. I put some Montreal rub and some hot pepper flakes then on my Pit Boss for about 2 hours at 250, then I put them in an aluminum foil tray and covered with foil. Added beef stock and Sweet Baby Rays. Kept them on the smoker for another 2 hours. Then removed the foil, drained some of the liquid and re-braised with the BBQ sauce. Turned up the heat for a few mins.
They came out very good. Not as good as a brisket burnt end, but for the $ and time it is close!
Here they are getting started.

and ready for the foil pan now.


and the finished product.

Ate some of it, my son was home and he ate most of it and then took the rest back to his college apartment for some snacks this week!

All and all it was good and low effort.
It looks delicious! I haven’t tried this with chick since I usually pull it. Will have to try it sometime.
this is one think i have never tried before. Made pork belly but never beef.. Looks great, I will give it a try soon.
Looks good to me! You can make "burnt ends" out of almost anything IMO.
I just pulled a chuckie out of the freezer this morning for pot roast tomorrow and I'm thinking I'll cut a chunk off to try this.
I'll try your method as well.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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