Christmas prime rib

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Mar 12, 2013
Midwest City, Oklahoma
Howdy everyone! Me and the fam decided to nix the turkey on Christmas, being we just had it for T-day...and the girls won't eat ham unlike me, who is a ham fanatic...but I digress. Lol. So off I went to the local grocery store in hope of finding something that I could truly call dinner. And with a meal budget of $100 I felt I should be able to find something worth a buck or two.

So upon pacing back and forth in the meat department for about 30 minutes I thought I had lost all hope and decided to walk away when all of a sudden the butcher walks out with this beautiful little 4.5lb standing rib roast...

So after a look at the price tag I figure what the heck...too good to pass up. $31 later I walked outta the store with it. Thank you god for letting the butcher walk out with it when I had lost all hope in that grocery store. Ended up grabbing me a sack of taters and some canned veggies to go along with it.

I ended up rubbing it down with my brisket rub, which was pretty basic. Just SPOG with a little paprika. I kinda went hot and fast on this one, with my temp being 300 at my highest and 275 at my lowest. I had a random drawing of smokers and the Weber Performer won the toss. So out came the Kingsford Comp briquettes. Lol. And pecan wood with a hint of cherry. I didn't really go by time or temp just kinda by feel. How I do my brisket. Everything felt great when I pulled it off and for some extra reassurance I checked with therm pen and it read 145. So into foil for a rest while potatoes get boiled and the rest all falls intogether.

All plated and ready to rock. I know how a prime rib is to be cooked and I know it looks a little more done but the wife doesn't like to much blood. Lucky for me I know how to use fire. And that plated pic is my side of the roast. Perfect to me. And the wife was happy with hers. And that's all that matters. Right?..??....? Lol. I took some serious study time from our friend Bear Carver's posts because I know in my time here on the forum that he is the man when it comes to the prime rib smoke. I just hope I was good enough to do your work justice sir. ;) I hope y'all enjoyed your holidays and want to wish every one of y'all the very best in 2014. May you all be blessed in all you do. Salud!
Very nice PR, beautiful... even if your wife likes it cooked to that internal meat temp, it certainly is not over cooked!
Mmm...very nice Joe!  That looks delicious!  Ya gotta love PR...

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