Chili and Beans

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It turned cold in Texas one hour last week. A blue norther came in and dropped high temps from the 70s one day to the 40s the next. It has been out of the 40s since with overnight freezes. When this happens, the spousal unit insists on a pot of chili and beans. Yeah, I know! No REAL Texan would put beans in his chile but this was an order from the spousal unit.

I started with a pound of 90/10 ground sirloin and a pound of maple flavored pork sausage and these canned goods. I would have used pinto beans if I had any, but these were what was in the pantry.

After browning the meat thoroughly in the dutch oven, I added the Pioneer chili seasoning and the canned goods then brought everything to a slow boil. I then set it on a low simmer to evaporate off some of the juices (I forgot to drain the canned goods).

So, here you go - chili and beans for a cold Texas day.

Chili and Beans from Rabbit Hutch on Vimeo.
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Hello Rabbit.  Just how do you keep all that stuff hanging from the top like that?  Magnets, or is it all smoke and mirrors?  
  I know it is sacrilege for a true Texan but I also like beans in my chili.  Good lookin meal.  Keep Smokin!

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Well......rage on with the beans/no beans. But, I see you're a Tar some latitude is allowed? I hope you gave it a good shot of that Sriracha Sauce in the background. BTW, better stock up on that.....they lost a lawsuit in Calif over, of all things, stinking up a neighborhood. Maybe it's just no kidney beans in chili.....they're just plain nasty...even look nasty. Black or pinto would be tolerable, no?.......Willie
Magic beans!

That's my story an' I'm stickin' to it!

I have no idea why that image is upside down.  It is right side up in its folder on my machine.

Let's see if the beans lost their magic . . .

Nope!  Still got the magic!

I looked in my photos here at SMF and it is upside down there.  I could find no means to rotate the image nor to delete it so that I could edit the posts and try again.

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