Chile and the Reaper

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Nice!  I've never had the "reaper", it looks intense.  Scotch bonnet and ghost peppers are my highest heat level.  Thanks for sharing!

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Wow looks like it had some heat! Hope you don't hurt yourself eating them.
Thanks for the concern.
I'm not a inexperienced at eating hot or super-hot chiles.

These chiles can hurt people not used to them, physically cause problems.
Not too mention embarrass the hell out of them in front of their friends.
Please, do not eat a super-hot chile or even the mid-level chiles, if you're not used to them.
If you do, at least prep your stomach beforehand and be ready for afterwards.
I.e. lots of milk, ice cream and such to coat your stomach and relieve the effects.
Wow! You win! You defo earned a big LIKE.

I stop at Ghost peppers - which means I can use habanero's but not ghost peppers.

Jerky tips
  • habanero peppers, used as part of the marinate, stay hot as a firecracker when making jerky in a heated forced air dehydrator,
  • ghost peppers, used as part of the marinate, lose a LOT of their fire-power in a heated forced air dehydrator
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I've seen the video of you eating the ghost peppers, but it sure looks like the reaper kicked everything to a new level. All I can say is "not this child".
I think I would have had a gallon of ice cream ready, not just a dish.
Good job, John.
That Reaper was a whole new level of heat, "Ghost pepper, please step aside."
I know the Reaper has been dethroned, but I'll be damned if I'll try anything hotter. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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