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Feb 7, 2017
North Ayrshire
My first smoke, aside from some temperature and airflow issues, went quite well.

Firstly, I got a wee helper to help me set everything up.

Next, I put a dry rub on the bird.

After basting everything but the legs with a BBQ sauce (which my girls wanted dry), it was ready to serve.

Very happy with the end result. The bird was definitely the word.
With that helper I can see why it went well.

Chicken looks great. :drool
Lovely looking bird 

I used to have a helper that looked like that - but then I blinked and now she is 30 
Looks a nice finished chicken. I have cooked a couple last year using the beer can method and they tasted great.
That's the hard bit out the way now the obsession begins, looks great, were you pleased with the results? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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