check out my butt......

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my Boston Butt that is.....just got home from Sam's, got two butts for $17.00.

here is the top...


here is the bottom....

and here it is with the rub....

the 2nd one I'll try a brine next weekend.

This is the first butt I'll be doing, wish me luck !!

nice looking butt you have there....

butts are very forgiving.... you dont need luck, you have all of us.... biggest thing you have to remember is the plateau.... and lots of patience

on trying your first butt
That is one fantastic lookin butt
I know you got the basics so just let us know how it goes and keep up the great pic's...and good luck
I know I'm different from probably everyone else but when it comes to pork I will soak it in apple juice before any spices ever touch it. To me the juice pulls out a lot of the salt and gives the meat a sweeter taste. Yes I know your thinking a Texan that don't Like Hot Spicy and Salty but I like sweet mine sweet.
I don't care where your butt is from .... it sure is a nice one!

Can't wait to see the eye Q (pix) of the finished product ...
Which wood are you using dear?
very nice looking but indeed. That is the first thing I ever smoked with great success. since then I have done six butts all with great results and lots of praise on the taste. have fun it will be delicious.
LMBO.....This thread is toooo funny!!!
Errrr..... good looking......oh never mind
Let us know how it turns out Lisa.
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