char griller smoker question help.

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  1. i bought a new char griller smoker and side firebox and put it together ..What i am confused about is that where you connect the smokebox to the grill is no cutouts to send the smoke thru ..only thing there is butterfly openings i suppose to cut that out and make it bigger or should i do something different..i found an exact photo of someone elses chargriller that look like mine ..i want to know b4 i start chopping away thanks guys new to smoking here
  2. Yup, gets cut out. Use to have a pattern in with the instructions. That was a long time ago. Go to their site or the search bar here and get info. Pretty easy to do. Make sure to use high temp sealant when bolting up. Plenty of char griller mod info in search bar.
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  3. Here ya go.
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  4. Thanks alot appreciate that
  5. one more question after i pop out the football looking hole when i install the baffle im going to go back in and cover the top part up to allow the smoke and heat to travel lower?

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