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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by vtanker, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. fife

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    Good Luck with the new smoker.
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    I learn something this site
  3. smokinfred

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    This is how I modified mine.  Holes go from 1/4" to 1-1/4". Works great even temperatures throughout the chamber.[​IMG]

    Also added the chimney extension and modified the secondary rack to clear it.


    Finally, I converted to propane just to save myself from sleepless nights when I do briskets.  I can literally "set it and forget it".  Although its easy enough to go back to charcoal. 

  4. Nice propane conversion. Great idea. I have a burner laying around I may have to blow the dust off of.
  5. flyfishjeep

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    smokinfred- I really like the gas conversion you did.  I'm assuming the tuning plates help spread the heat, but how do you keep the smoke rolling if you're not checking on it often?
  6. smokinfred

    smokinfred Fire Starter

    The conversion is great and I did it only because I was a newbie to smoking and wanted to start slowly and easily.  I put about 3 fist size chunks and that lasts about 1-2 hours.  You do have to find the sweet spot on where to put the can so that the chunks smolder rather than catching fire.  Great thing is that after the smoke phase I dont have to check on it, which means no sleepless nights for briskets.  I dont even use a water pan and all my food has come out pretty juicy and tender.  Although, like most Chargriller owners I have moved on to a WSM and now I see way some many WSM owners love their smokers.  Those things are AMAZING, but the Chargriller Duo is a close 2nd.
  7. socalsmoker13

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    Say Rata, what did you use for your gasket? I like it, and want to use it my self. By the way, nice tire set-up. I wouldn't even know where to start with that.
  8. Love the tire mods. That is one of the few negative things about this grill. It is too hard to move. The gasket is also a great idea I would love to know where to find the material.
  9. lothus

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    One thing about brining a turkey is that almost all the turkey you get from supermarket are already brined in salt water, did the same thing you did and that is when I found that out.  About the only way to get one that hasn't already been pre-brined is to get it fresh.  That is the most likely reason it turned out so salty
  10. rata

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    I too was wondering about the ceramic briquettes. Debated about doing this since this unit has the charcoal side. Once the flame shields rusted, I came up with mod. The materials were about the same price as ordering 3 new flame shield from Char-Griller. Would have been cheaper and easier if I had made just one large basket but I liked keeping it modular and besides I really need practice welding.

    Rusted Flame Shields.

    Material Used.

    Basic frame.

    A smaller flame shield with grate.

    First basket.

    Done. Just need to season the baskets.

    Time will tell if it was worth it.

    Although I had already repaired the mounting brackets due to rust, I'll probably beef them up more due to the heavier baskets. This project was as much fun as the smoker and tire mods I had done previously. 
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  11. pray4bigb

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    Hello Sir I to just bought a duo Char griller. If you have any mods or other fixes i would like to see them as well.

  12. I'd love to know the dimensions of the baskets that you made.
  13. lemans

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    My basket is 12x12 x6. Had to take a hammer to round off the top edge but it fits great
    Expanded metal from Home Depot 12x24 two pieces some screws and nuts and rt angle brackets. 24$
  14. smoker71

    smoker71 Newbie

    how did you mount the wheels to swivel?
  15. erazz

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    Bumping the thread as I have just started mod'ing mine and have a question for smokinfred and vtanker on their coal tray baffle.   Im choosing to just turn mine over and hang it as opposed to mod'ing anything else so I can keep it as a normal charcoal grill.   I'll try a makeshift foil gap filler to fill in the remaining gap to the firebox, but what kind of results have you gotten?  Reason I ask is smokinfred perforated it, and vtanker did not, so curious on their opinions.   I see how perforating it would work perfect, would just need to maybe use foil to cover the holes if using it in the grill since the replacement coal tray is out of stock on their website :)
  16. lemans

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    Convection plate from horizon corp
  17. travisty

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    Aweomse! I know this post is old, but I just used mine to smoke a pork shoulder for the first time, and have not done any mods. It turned out really well, but I literally had to watch the thing and mess with the coals the entire 8 hours, a process which did actually end up being worth it... surprisingly!

    However, the fact that it was a bear last time has had me worried to embark on a new project without trying some mods firs, it was dang hard to keep temp in the thing, and though I was eventually able to get it to hold as about 285, this was quite a bit higher than I had wanted, but I wasn't going to fight it since it was finally staying steady.

    Anyway, thank you all so much for the mod tips! I think I will try the mods that @Rata  pictured as they seem a bit more my speed considering that I don't have access to a tac welder. Ill head over to my local welding shop and pick up some cut to size sheets of stainless and a pipe and then ill see if I cant snap some pics to share once Im done. Oh and ill throw some in of the Ribs and Shoulder im planning to smoke up on Saturday.
  18. rata

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    Best of luck with your mods.
  19. Rata, great job on the wheel mods, I have been trying to come up with something similar for some time now with no success. Can you please post a picture showing, or simply explain where the center post leads or is connected to, or is it simply a handle you use to pull the whole grill as you would a Radio Flyer for example. Thanks in advance, and again great job!


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