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    Good luck.... The first lesson I give folks, when learning how to weld is...... Get a pair of reading glasses so you can see REALLY CLEARLY at 15" or so.... You will need to clearly see the puddle of molten metal and how it is acting to the electric flame.... how it is melting the parent metal.... how it is flowing... if it is hot enough or too hot..... If stick welding etc. you will need to see how the flux is flowing also... and spend the money on an electric/auto lens for the helmet....
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  2. Ok I need an opinion or thought.

    I picked up the pipe for my stack today. I got a good deal on a 6in x 40" piece of steel tube. My concern is that the stack is going to be to heavy for my tank to hold. My tank walls are only 1/8th thick. The pipe is pretty heavy. Does anyone have a thought on this?
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    It will hold just fine...
  4. From anyone else and I may have my doubts but coming from experience like you have I will take your word for it! Haha
  5. Been working the past couple days on the smoker, I feel like I got quite a bit done. I have learned a couple things, 1. metal work takes a lot longer than I thought. 2. Metal Is not wood (Duh right!) I just mean the way metal acts and reacts is crazy and confusing, and frustrating. 3. Welding is an actually pretty fun, although I am no doubt horrible at it, it is fun and I will get better with time. 4. Building this smoker is awesome, and seeing progress makes me want to keep going!

    Anyway, here are some photos!

    Dave I did as you had said, welded them according to the pattern. I don't know if I didn't do something right because only a couple stuck, I ended up having to tack it.

    Fabricated these ribs to help prevent the door from springing and twisting but they didn't really do what I was hoping.

    This is my first time ever welding anything, They don't look the best but they are holding!!

    So here is my problem, my ribs didn't keep the door how I was hoping, the door has done this on all 4 corners and I am not real sure what to do about it, how can I fix it?

    This is where we are at right now, door cut, ribs and door trim cut and welded, Hinges in place and functioning.Its starting to look like a smoker!!! probably will do a quick burnout tomorrow then work on the Door handle, RF plate supports, cut the fire box opening, and work on the stack, does anyone have a recommendation on how for into the CC the stack should go? Feldons call for 40" is that all together? or is that 40"  sticking out? The stack will be directly in the middle of the CC. considering this is going to be a center feed.

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    Looks as if the door rib fits the curve of the door.... Is the door rib cut to the wrong circle size ??? Use a cutting wheel and cut the door rib off of the door.... RE cut the door rib to MATCH the tank... Use standoffs on the door rib like in my drawing.... you can grind the standoffs to match the contour of the smoker better...
    About the blind welds.... looks like the tank rust wasn't ground off and the welds didn't work... don't weld to rusty metal.... rust is ferric oxide and it will NOT melt so you can't weld it...

    Looks good so far... a few tweaks and you will be golden.... Dave
  7. Thanks Dave, I did cut the ribs with the curve of the tank, So I thought. I will probably cut them off and modify them. Do you have a method for getting an accurate curve?

    I did grind the rust off, I only ground off the spots where I welded under the trim, maybe I didn't get it good enough.
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    what size holes did you drill for the blind welds ? thinking the holes were to small and they filled up before you could get penetration on the door...
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    Re cut the rib with the curve of the tank, not the door..... relieve the rib with 3 tabs.... grind the tabs so they fit the curve of the tank.. Do not set the rib tight to the door... set the rib about 3/32" off of the door with some wire or something for a spacer.. bend the door, using clamps, so it is the contour of the tank and tack weld the ribs to check the fit... Normally the ribs are attached BEFORE the door is cut loose so the contour is correct....
    If the door still doesn't fit the contour, shim the door under the ribs until it fits... Door fit is probably the most important thing on the smoker... If the door leaks, temp control will be almost impossible...
  10. Jck, They were 1/8in and now that you say that I think that might have been the issue because I could not see one that penetrated the other side.
    Dave, I actually did put the ribs on before the door was cut, I had only cut the top seam. But I will try what you have recommended. I understand how important the doors are that's why I want to make sure I get them right.
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    yea.. on the next ones.. try a 1/4" if not 3/8" hole
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    Good point Keith.... My error... I should have known to mention that point... At times I not too bright....
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    that gap will screw up the door fitment... Just sayin....

    If need be, get a pair of clamps that you screw onto a piece of pipe... use it to pull the door into round and to hold it in place while you weld the door ribs... Get the pipe long enough to go from the top to the bottom of the door.. you shouldn't screw up the door seal... If necessary, put a piece of angle iron over the door seal to keep it from bending.... or grind the welds and take it off and re-do it...

  14. Been wotking on trying to get this door right. Ibthink this may be part of the issue too. The top and bottom of the door opening has sprung out in the middle.

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    Build a tool similar to this one to push it in... It will probably take heat... OR you can weld a strong-back inside the smoker to pull it in... Strong-back can be flat bar, angle iron, etc..

  16. I will probably just put in a strong back and call it good. Headed to get some material.

    Also, thanks Dave i would be up the creek without your help! Its very much appreciated!!!
  17. So here is my solution. 10ft piece of strut tacked on one end then pulled into other end and tacked. This is pretty straight! Gonne throw a support in the center and hopefully that will hold. We will see!

  18. Well, Just an update, After getting a good start I have slowed down. Got busy with Christmas and work and the mother in law in town that I haven't really had much time to get back to the smoker.

    But I went by the Fabricator today and my firebox is finished and I will be picking it up on Thursday which makes me super excited!!! I mean I have been waiting a minute to get it!! But anyway I will hopefully get some pics up Wednesday of the box and get some more work DONE!!!
  19. So not really working on the smoker much in the last week because I have been short on time and this welder that I am using is a horrible piece of garbage!!! So if anyone has one for sale let me know!!

    but today has been great so far! FINALLY got my firebox from the fabricator!! they did a great job!! Gets me excited!!

  20. Picked this up today and I think I got a great deal. Northern Tool has them for 499 and that is where I was going to purchase from. I went into my local Tractor supply and this one was the last one they had and it was the display model they had it priced at 519 which wasn't bad considering the nearest NT is an hour drive so the $20 was worth it, they gave me 10% off right away because it was a display which I was great with because that put it under the 499 i was going to pay. Then (in case you don't know) Tractor supply will take competitors coupons and I just happen to have a Harbor Freight 20% off coupon. total was $374 before tax. $414 out the door!! I am happy with that!!

    I haven't been getting much done because of time and the fact that the welder I was using was junk. things should start moving along now, I cant wait to start using it!!!


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