cauilflower (belive it or not)

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  1. I once posted a question on another site. The reposes I got ranged from "Why on earth would you want do that", to "I'll need some beers' just to think I'll be able to get it down". I took a great deal of ribbing for posing such a "ridiculous question". Along with a recipe I got, from one of the senior members of this other site,(about the great results obtained from just "roasting" cauliflower, to whom I am grateful for not thinking I was nuts), I created my own amazing creation. First, I used a fresh cauliflower broken up into florets. Then I sprayed it with EVOO. Then some grated parmesan- romano cheese and minced garlic. Then some seasoned bread crumbs. Into the oven at 350 degrees for about 35 or 40 minutes ,to get it good and roasted. Now, the good part. I took that roasted cauliflower(in a corning-ware dish), coated it with a mixture of lite alfredo sauce,(12 oz.) with 2 packets of Goya Sazon seasoning, shaken till it was completely blended (with the alferdo sauce). and poured it all over the roasted cauliflower. I mixed it till it was well coated. I smoked it in my Bradley for 2.5 hours at 225 degrees with Hickory Bisquettes. The result was the creamiest, but not at all mushy, tastiest, most awesome cauliflower I've ever tasted. I have since received a number of apologies from "the Doubters", and even a number who said that they were going to try it. If you like cauliflower, then this is a true winner.
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    Sounds great, you will fit right in here. Even cheetoh's have been smoked here.  [​IMG]

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