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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bubba96, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. bubba96

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    hey there everybody i have been smoking food for almost 2 years. i smoked for friends and family. lately i have been selling my bbq sauce at a local farmers market and i want to take it further. I want to start a catering business if possible. the largest group i would probably smoke for would be 100 people nothing higher. my mom's friend had a guy to some smoking for her party for her bday and i really liked his smoker. here is the link to the smoker: the smoker is: NEW DIAMOND TREAD MODEL Model JB - 03. that was the smoker he used and it pretty much has everything the smoker,warmbox,grill,and on the back to keep your wood. is it a good price and big enough to feed at least 70-100 people? the price of the smoker is $2750 or $2950 with a insulated fire box. any answers would be great!     
  2. so ms smoker

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     Did you get to see this smoker in action? Was there good air flow and even heat distribution? From the pics it looks plenty big for what you want. And not a bad price. Let us know what you find out/ decide to do.

  3. bubba96

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    yea he should me how it work everything about it was amazing. Also considering that was the first smoker that size i seen in action lol. im also thinking of contacting him on facebook to volunteer to help. mainly to get some catering experience and see how the smoker works from start to finish. i dont know im one of those guys that likes to take risky chances at things!
  4. bruno994

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    Good looking rig.  Get him to build you an ash pan for the firebox.  Makes clean up after a smoke so much easier.  I have seen this setup somewhere else, can't remember if it was on this site or else where.
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    First of all, Go Blue!! Love the avatar! 

    Secondly, (probably sounds weird) but what's your name?

    (I have relatives in Saginaw and one is called Bubba) 
  6. bubba96

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    my first name is Michael and my last name begins with W. 
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    I guess not. Mine and the family there's last name is Carey. 

    Happy Smokin'

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