Cast Iron Grill

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Oct 9, 2018
Check out this new-release cast iron mini-grill from lodge. Anyone on the forum have one of these? I can't tell if it's cool, or lame. May be too small to be very useful/practical?

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Looks pretty cool to me! A while back I had a little grill similar to it and it was awesome for the back of the car and small cooks!
That's cute little CI grill.
I reckon that it is Lodge's replacement for the discontinued Sportsman Grill.
Looks like it could handle a 6qt round DO too.
Do they not make the L410 Sportsman grill anymore? It was a bit larger but functionally the same as this thing
Interesting. I like it. But then again thinking of how I would use it I would probably set it on my performer grate so I didn't have to squat down. Wait a minute, I have the CI gourmet grate. Never mind, I think I will just use that.
To be honest it looks like a
P. I. T. A. And cast iron don't do nothing a Weber Smokey Joe can't do. And the Smokey Joe has a lid to snuff out the coals when you need to get into the game or concert.
Plus the bottom of that grill is going to lose its season every time you use it, so it will have to be reseasoned after each use, or it will rust.
Not impressed at all.
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I don't care for the design. And I really don't like how the bottom doesn't have a better way of holding the charcoal. I'll stick with my sportsman.
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Interesting. I like cast iron but if I'm camping I'll use a smokey joe. Or just a grate on the fire pit.
What he said in that comment up there (1).jpg

Just looks like another foolish thing to spend $$ on when you already have the same things available!
I looked at a Goldens cast iron Kamado at one time. It’s an impressive beast. They have a14” mini and it weighs over a hundred pounds. I like cast iron. Good to see Lodge making this. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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